How To Fix Bose Sport Earbuds Battery Will Not Charge

Bose Sport earbuds are charged using the charging case included during purchase. You also need to charge the charging case, of course. By placing the earbuds to the charging case, it will automatically charge. There have been reports from users wherein they noticed that the earbuds battery does not charge. In here, we are going to talk about Bose Sport earbuds and the recommended solutions that you can try to fix battery not charging on the Bose product.

Fix Bose Sport Earbuds Battery does not charge

Bose sport earbuds uses a metal enclosed coin cell lithium ion batteries, while the charging case uses a pouch cell lithium-ion batteries. A fully charged Bose Sport earbuds gives you at most 5 hours of battery life. A fully charged charging case can charge Bose earbuds up to two full charges, that’s almost 10 hours of earbuds use.

There are several factors that can cause earbuds battery will not charge problem ranging from a faulty cable and charger, incorrect placement of earbuds on charging base, earbuds temperature, battery life is depleted to a bug in the software.

Bose Sport Earbuds specification details:

  • Dimensions: 0.74″ H x 1.05″ W x 0.83″ D (Earbuds) ; 1.18″ H x 3.6″ W x 1.63″ D (charging case)
  • Weight: 0.24 oz each earbuds
  • USB cable length: 12 inches
  • Materials: Plastic (earbuds); Silicone (Ear tips) 3 sizes included; Hard Plastic (Charging case)
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours per charge
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours (Earbuds); 3 hours (Charging case); 15-minutes (2 hours quick charge time)
  • Charge Method: USB-c
  • Battery type: Lithium ion (coin cell enclosed in metal for earbuds) ; Lithium ion (pouch cell for charging case)
  • Bluetooth range: 30 feet (9 meters) version 5.1
  • Wireless: YES
  • Sweat and weather Resistant: YES IPX 4 rated
  • Bose Music App: YES
  • Colors available: Blue, White, Black

If Bose Sport earbuds is placed on the charging case but the level of the battery does not seem to increase or it does not indicate that it is charging, try the following solutions below to fix it:

Solution 1: Make sure Bose sport earbuds are placed firmly on charging base

When sport earbuds are not placed firmly on the charging pins of the charging case, it will not charge and will remain turned on that will eventually drain its battery. Make sure that the earbuds are correctly seated on its charging pins. Normally, when Bose sport earbuds are placed on its charging case for it to charge, you will notice a flashing light or the earbuds status indicator lights ups. When this happens, it means that the earbuds are placed firmly and correctly on the charging case.

There are cases where charging pins are stucked up and pushed in a down position, to check whether charging pins on the charging case are not stuck, you can move the charging pins up and down to confirm. Charging pins that moves up and down is an indication that it is not stuck.

Solution 2: Close charging case when charging

It is possible that Bose sport earbuds battery did not increase or is not indicating that it is charging when placed on its charging case because charging case is still open. Make sure to close the lid of the charging case for charging process to begin. Also, when the lid is still open and the earbuds are already placed firmly it will remain ON. Always close the lid of the case to charge the earbuds.

Solution 3: Try a different charger and USB cable

As mentioned, charging case provides two full charge on Bose sport earbuds. However, there are cases where charging case could not charge the earbuds because it was not also charged. Most of the time, charging case could not be charged due to a faulty cable and usb charger. To fix this, try to use a different USB cable and a different USB charger and check whether the issue is caused by a faulty USB cable and usb charger or not.

Solution 4: Check for Bose sport earbuds temperature

There are however unexpected cases where Bose sport earbuds are exposed to hot or cold temperature that is way beyond the capacity of the wireless headphones. Although Bose product are meant to be sweat and weather resistant, exposure to extreme hot or cold temperature can cause issues on on Bose product.

Since at this point, Bose sport earbuds is already experiencing battery will not charge in order to fix this you may need to wait for Bose product temperature to be at room temperature before trying to charge it again and turn it on.

Solution 5: Check Earbuds battery life

Lithium ion batteries deplete over time with continuous use. When that happens, a depleted battery will likely increase during charge, or will not charge at all. If battery life is draining faster than usual, it probably means that battery life has already been depleted.

To fix this, you may need to bring earbuds in for battery replacement. You can check your local directory for the nearest authorized Bose service center. Although replacing the battery may seem easy and simple, it is recommended to have it replaced by an authorized Bose technician.

Solution 6: Check for and install available updates

Checking for and installing available updates on Bose product ensure it has the latest features and product enhancements. Outdate firmware versions can cause minor issues that may have caused not charging issue with Bose sport earbuds

To do this, you can either choose one of the following ways, assuming sport earbuds still has remaining battery left and not completely drained.

  1. Via Bose Music app. An app free to download on iOS devices (App store) and Android Devices (Google Play) that allows you set and manage controls, update, and even check battery life.
  2. Via Bose Updater  found on Bose website. You may need to select your country or region, download and install Bose updater app. Then follow the onscreen instructions on how to update.

After checking for and installing new updates on headphones try charging your headphones again and then check if not charging issue still occurs.

Solution 7: Reset Sport earbuds

If none of the methods mentioned above did not fix battery will not charge issue with Bose Sport earbuds, you may need to reset the product. This actions restore Bose product and brings it back to its default state. This solution fixes minors issues that may have caused this particular problem to occur.

To do this:

  1. Connect charging case to power source
  2. Put earbuds inside charging case
  3. Close charging case then open it again after 5 seconds.
  4. While earbuds are inside charging case, press and hold Bluetooth button for about 30 seconds. LED lights will first blink, then glow a solid white light then blinks blue.
  5. On the Bluetooth device it was previously connected to, go to its Bluetooth settings. Located Bose sport earbuds name and then tap on Remove or Forget product option.
  6. Reconnect Bose sport earbuds again to the Bluetooth device.

After checking for and installing new updates, try charging sport earbuds again and then check if the solution resolve your issue.

Hope this troubleshooting article helps with Bose Sport earbuds battery does not charge problem. For more troubleshooting videos, visit our TheDroidGuy Youtube Channel.

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