How to Add A password on Galaxy A10

Want to add a password on Galaxy A10 screen? Read this post and we will show you the process.

Do you own a Galaxy A10 smartphone and wanted to keep it safe and secure? The easiest way to safeguard your phone from unwanted access is to add a password on your phone screen. Among the lock screen types, password provides high security. Create a password that you can easily remember, and be able to unlock your phone screen without any hassle. 

In this post, we will walk you through on how to add password on Galaxy A10. If you own this type of smartphone and haven’t set up a password for your home screen yet, check the illustration below.

To add a password as your Galaxy A10’s screen lock, swipe your finger upward from the main screen and follow the instructions:

  1. Select the Settings app.
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  1. Tap Lock screen.
pwnMzlB xws6YmJAIe1RpIrufFXfMkN11PThGXXYABey6Q6UmGCiJJXEg3Z1Ys94 38qc ocI9QBSSGLb9ZutIGA7 Rqw7N2ZugHIExwoxvrDBdkDuD4VKqWAYbo13ecE1fo kv
  1. Tap Screen lock type.
lbSZsWDmxBbEGcaXcZjCnKA mMqggTrgigE8SI29oZRHJf5DVtfbs3BDgKu1BN6BKwFJbTzuAe1eZNoFRx8zYJdUWiaTmfjSMoPR bU3 DbjbmOuC24CjvvLSHXguioA JLId9O1
  1. Then select Password.
D2xxZAYaqSNkwmL7t7CxpAx98mlwNXNieUMBYdhQ3g50J0raxN3oTpVv6frP5KjLuZCry0 AGL5OjTKT73IJoHfgvqtf60jVqja xtYltmH q
  1. Enter your desired password.  Note: Your password should include at least 4 characters (alphanumeric). 
N43LGP c6 7N0cVFCBT3kkv8Vpvg60myYsHzeSPQAK0yvk2dgKrbAIieZxNaMopHSpSHh me4yPGUGdmxU7bDHcfFVIQ
  1. Tap Continue.
  1. Enter the password again and tap OK to confirm.
tM2uDwHsI2vLt4S3kErq3C89hZ0Ot8acUf9a1orWMs4ILllW4GApGHoHepzuZ4WeXW7FnuA2pOT9dhLc7rTjQSXdg6Rm3L6ZZc3nCIkNMAIbqM3mN4oOMKUU63bZumAr 1HaMC9J

When setting up a password for your Galaxy A10’s home screen, see to it that the password meets the given requirements. It is also important to create a password that you can easily remember as you will have to hard reset your phone in case you’ll forget the password. Thus, erasing all important files saved in your phone’s memory.

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