How to Reset Settings on Samsung Galaxy A20

Need to revert some settings on your Galaxy A20 but don’t want to go over with them one by one? Then you may need to reset settings on Samsung Galaxy A20. Find out the simple steps on how to initiate the procedures below. 

It is inevitable not to manually configure some settings on your smartphone. This is true, especially for those who would want to explore their device and enjoy the bliss of its full potential. 

However, as we configure those settings, there are cases where the device would act up. Invalid configurations may often lead to serious issues on the device. One good example is when we manually set up WiFi connections and modify some settings. It may lead to connectivity-related problems on the Galaxy A20. 

There are also instances that you may want to have a fresher experience on your phone, but don’t want to execute a factory reset as it may delete some important files on the phone. Reset settings is your perfect go-to procedure to achieve that. 

Check out the procedures below and follow each step to reset settings on Samsung Galaxy A20. 


  1. Access Settings on your Galaxy A20. Swipe up and look for the Settings app. 
  1. Scroll to and tap on General management. 
  1. Select Reset. 
  1. Tap on Reset Settings. 
  1. Tap on Reset Settings again to confirm. This will revert security, language, accounts, personal data and settings for download apps to their default values and options. 

Since all settings have been reverted to their default state, including your WiFi configurations, you may need help in setting it up again. Click here to know more about setting up a WiFi connection on your Galaxy A20. 

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