How to fix a Galaxy S9 that won’t send MMS, saying “currently unable to send your message”

We’ve been getting a number of MMS-related reports these past few days so today’s #GalaxyS9 troubleshooting article will try to answer of these issues. We hope you’ll find the cases and their solutions below helpful.

Problem #1: How to get T-Mobile Galaxy S9 APN settings

Hello! We are having the same issue as described in the below question. I understand the APN settings may be the issue. We have T-Mobile. Do you know the APN settings for T-Mobile? Thanks!!! Good afternoon, I just upgraded from a Samsung galaxy s7 to an s9 about 3 weeks ago. Ever since the upgrade I have not been able to send pictures through text messaging. My typed message will go through but for every picture that I attach, it says “canceled” on the picture! It is doing this to all of my contacts except for about two of them. I’ve tried every step in the book to correct it, even reset network settings and its not fixed. I even called tech support with my carrier and he told me to reset. I did that, it didn’t work. I don’t know how to fix this. Can you please help?

Solution: We don’t work for T-Mobile so we can’t give accurate APN settings. A quick Google search yields this page for the S9 but we can’t confirm if they are up-to-date: Network, APN, and VoLTE: Samsung Galaxy S9.

If the problem remains, of if the values in that page won’t work, you must contact T-Mobile for correct APN settings. While at it, make sure to tell them about your main issue so they can help you troubleshoot it. Sometimes, even if a device has good APN, it may still be unable to send MMS. Incorrect APN settings is not the only reason why your phone may not be sending SMS or MMS. Your carrier’s technical support team should help you isolate what the real cause is.

Problem #2: Galaxy S9 can’t send SMS after updating text messaging app

My son suddenly can’t send a text to me. This has never been an issue before. He tried to update my messaging, it didn’t work right so I went back to the version I had. Somehow in doing this, it has blocked or something…my son from being able to text me. It says on his end that the function can’t be performed or wont go through, something like that. How do I fix this? Is it a problem on my end or his? I know it became an issue because of trying to update my messages. Can you help me?

Solution: Updating or reverting a text messaging app version won’t affect a sender’s capability to send a message. There must be something on his end that causes that error when he tried to send you an SMS. Ask him to ensure that your number is saved in proper format under his Contacts app. If that won’t work, you can also ask him to clear the cache and data of his text messaging app. This should return the messaging app’s version to its known working condition and remove any call blocks set at app-level.

To clear an app’s cache or data:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap on More settings at the upper right (three-dot icon).
  4. Select Show system apps.
  5. Find and tap your app.
  6. Tap Storage.
  7. Tap Clear Data button.
  8. Restart your S9 and check for the problem.

If he will still be unable to send you a message, he must contact his carrier for assistance. Be sure provide the exact error message to the representative so they can figure out where the issue lies. Moving forward, make sure that you do this everytime you ask for technical assistance. Error messages are meant to help the person troubleshooting an issue isolate factors.

Problem #3: Galaxy S9 sends SMS on its own after an update

I was texting someone on 06/16/2018 – We agreed to not continue texting and I deleted the info and number from my phone. I often have “spotty service” and will get failed messages. We had the update on or around the 4th of July 2018. I did not immediately activate the update. My phone started acting weird on 08/08/2016. Im not sure if I rebooted or if it did it on its own(?). Afterwards 2 text messages automatically went to this old recipient and I was contacted about it. How does this happen?

Solution: This issue must be answered by your network operator and not by third party support teams like us. We don’t have access to your account and device activities as well as firsthand information about your network’s systems. There may be a network glitch that triggered your device or text messaging app to send messages on their own. It’s also possible that there may be a system error in your carrier’s end. Keep in mind that carriers may be mandated by law to keep copies of your messages for a particular period and their system may have encountered a problem that caused the accidental sending of messages. All we can do is speculate so it’s good if you talk to your carrier’s technical support team for answers. If their technical support team can’t give you an answer, they should at least create a ticket for the bug in case it’s a widespread issue affecting other customers.

Problem #4: How to fix a Galaxy S9 that won’t send MMS, saying “Currently unable to send your message.”

My cellphone is a Samsung S9, and my cellular data and my wifi are both always turned on. However, I am unable to send MMS messages or recieve them using the stock messaging app. When I do try to send one, I get a message saying “Currently unable to send your message. It will be sent when the service becomes available.” Furthermore, right next to the actual MMS message, it says MMS Pending. What should I do from here? Michelle

Solution: Is this a recent incident and was MMS working on this phone before? If your S9 was able to send before without any problem, you should contact your network operator right away so they can check your account.

If it’s your first time to send MMS on this device, these are the troubleshooting steps that you can do:

Verify if mobile data is working

MMS requires internet connection via cellular data to work. If you have weak or no mobile data connection, don’t expect MMS to work.

Check your phone’s APN settings

The messaging app and device must be in sync in order to send and receive SMS and MMS. One of the ways to synchronize the two is to ensure that the correct APN settings are configured on the device. You can go under Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Access Point Names to edit the APN.

If you don’t have the APN settings for your particular phone model, get them from your carrier.

Reseat SIM card

If you have a GSM phone, disconnecting and reinserting the SIM card may force the phone to reconfigure the APN settings and other cellular settings. Make sure that you do this if you can’t get the APN working.

If you have a CDMA phone, this troubleshooting is not applicable since all settings are buried deep within the phone’s operating system. Just ignore this suggestion.

Clear cache and data of text messaging app

The bug may lie on the messaging app itself so be sure to clear its cache and/or data if the troubleshooting steps above won’t work. Try wiping the cache first. If that won’t make a difference, that’s the time that you clear the data.

To clear an app’s cache:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap on More settings at the upper right (three-dot icon).
  4. Select Show system apps.
  5. Find and tap your app.
  6. Tap Storage.
  7. Tap Clear Cache button.
  8. Restart your S9 and check for the problem.

Reset network settings

This is another way resetting all network settings (including wifi) in your device. If you haven’t tried it yet, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray.
  2. Tap General Management > Reset settings.
  3. Tap Reset network settings.
  4. If you have set up a PIN, enter it.
  5. Tap Reset settings. Once complete a confirmation window will appear.

Call your carrier

As a last resort, you should work with your carrier to resolve the issue. The troubleshooting steps above are designed to address all possible device issues. Since nothing came out positive after doing all of them, the cause must be something beyond your ability to fix. The more likely source of the bug must be on your network.

Problem #5: Galaxy S9 Plus making echoes when using Google Maps

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone. When I use Google Maps the voice giving the directions will have an echo, more than not. It is very annoying as it makes it harder to understand what is being said. I called Samsung who authorized me to take it to a certain repair shop. The repair shop ran an analysis on the phone saying everything was running correctly. Do you know of a reason this could be happening? Thank you. P.S. I do not know what my Android version is so I just chose an answer.

Solution: We don’t know if this is a software or hardware issue. Echoes do sometimes exists even on high end speaker systems and smartphones. If the repair shop did confirm that there’s no discernible issue, you can leave it at that.

If the echoes only occur when using Google Maps, try using other navigation apps like Waze. This is hardly ideal, especially if you can’t live without Google Maps but there’s no way for us to know if your concern is a valid software or hardware issue. We haven’t noticed any unusual echoes when using Google Maps but you can also try to contact Google for it. This may be a new bug that Google has not anticipated so go under the settings menu of the app and send a feedback to the developer..

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