How To Download Twitch Videos

With the rise of eSports, Twitch has grown from an underground platform to one of the biggest video streaming sites on the world. Beyond gaming, it has been used for sporting events and its reach has grown far beyond “just” gaming. While it’s a great site for streaming, downloading its videos to watch later at your own convenience isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.

Downloading Twitch Videos

Fortunately, programmers have made a program that allows you to download on-demand videos and past livestreams thanks to an easy, user-friendly program. TwitchLeecher is a small app with an easy to use interface that makes it .All you need to do is download the program, install it, and go to Twitch. Go to the URL of the video you want and copy the URL. Go to the Search area, paste in the URL, and it will find the VOD. Once it finds it, click, the download button on the bottom-right underneath the thumbnail. After this, pick the destination folder and you can choose the resolution you want the video to download in as well.

TwitchLeecher features a download progress bar too, and everything is automated video-by-video. Much like a browser download lineup, you will see the percentage of the video’s download alongside the length of the video, a thumbnail for it, and some pertinent metadata to help you organize your files once they’re downloaded.

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