How to Add a Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy A20 Device

Keeping your smartphone safe from unauthorized usage is now made easier using your fingerprints. Yes, you heard it right. In-print fingerprint sensors can now be found on modern smartphones like Galaxy A20. While some opt to use PIN or passwords to lock their respective devices, fingerprint protection is deemed an ideal screen protection as this can’t be hacked easily. Thus, safer  than password, PIN or pattern. Before we will teach you how to add a fingerprint on your Galaxy A20, let us first understand how this fingerprint sensor works on smartphones.

In-screen fingerprint sensors on smartphones can be both ultrasonic or optical. The latter works by projecting the light in which the image of your fingerprint will be captured in the area of the in-screen scanner based on the light being reflected from the space between the phone display’s pixels. 

So the first thing you need to do before using this biometric protection is to add your fingerprint on your device. The procedure is not that tricky at all. But if you are not that familiar with how it’s done, here’s the walkthrough that you can refer to.

How to Add Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy A20

  1. From Home, select the Settings app.
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  1. Scroll to Lock screen option.
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  1. Tap Screen lock type.
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  1. Then tap Fingerprint and toggle the switch to enable the option.

When prompted with a note or a warning message, tap Continue. From there, follow the onscreen instructions to set up and add a new fingerprint on your Samsung Galaxy A20 device.

To ensure that the recent changes made will be implemented properly, restart your Galaxy A20. Once it is back on, check if it will ask you to use your fingerprint to unlock the screen.

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So that’s how easy you can protect your phone from unauthorized access. If you find this guide helpful, feel free to share this post. You can also like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more troubleshooting guides and tutorials for smartphones. Thanks for reading!

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