Google Duo Has No Sound, Can’t Hear Other Callers

Some users complained because Google Duo has no sound during video conferences, and as a result, they cannot hear users at the other end. This problem can be a sign of a pretty minor issue with the firmware, or it could mean there’s an issue with the hardware of your phone, especially the loudspeakers. 

So in this post, I will guide you in doing the most practical procedures for you to be able to determine if this is a firmware or a hardware problem. We will try to look at every possibility and rule them out one after another.

So if you have this problem, continue reading as we may be able to help.

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Google Duo Has No Sound

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As long as this isn’t an issue with the hardware, you should be able to fix it by doing one or a couple of procedures. That said, here’s what you should do:

  1. Force restart your phone

    When it comes to fixing issues you’re not familiar with, it’s better to perform the forced restart before anything else because it is possible that the problem is caused by a minor glitch in the system. 

    1. To do this, press and hold the volume down button and the power key for 10 seconds. This will force your phone to power itself down and turn back on. 
    2. When the logo shows, release both keys and wait until the device has finished rebooting. 

    If this doesn’t fix the problem, move on to the next solution.
    forced restart android

  2. Test the loudspeakers

    After doing the forced restart and Google Duo still has no sound during video conferences, what you have to do next is test the loudspeakers of your device. 

    You can do so by turning the volume all the way up and then playing a video or a music track. If your phone plays the audio without any problem, then it means the speakers are working properly. 

    If not, then it is possible that there’s a more serious issue with the firmware. So you have to do a couple more things. 
    google duo test microphone

  3. Clear the cache and data of Google Duo

    At this point, it’s possible that the problem is caused by an issue with the app. What you have to do next is to reset Google Duo itself and that means clearing its cache and data. Here’s how: 

    1. Go to the screen where the Duo icon is located. 
    2. Tap and hold on the Duo icon until options show. 
    3. Tap App info. 
    4. Touch Storage. 
    5. Tap Clear cache. 
    6. Now, tap Clear data and touch OK to confirm. 

    Most of the time, this will fix any app-related problem and this might be what you need to make Duo work perfectly again. However, if the problem persists, then move on to the next solution. 
    reset google duo

  4. Reset the settings

    After the first three procedures and your phone still has no sound during video conferences using Google Duo, then the next thing you need to do is to reset all settings. This will bring all your phone’s settings back to factory defaults. It’s possible that some settings are causing this problem and since we don’t know which setting it is, it’s best to just reset all settings. Here’s how: 

    1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull the notification panel down. 
    2. Tap the Settings icon on the upper-right corner. 
    3. Scroll to and tap General management. 
    4. Touch Reset. 
    5. Tap Reset settings. 
    6. Tap the Reset settings button. 
    7. If prompted, enter your PIN, Password or Pattern. 
    8. Finally, tap Reset.

    As long as this is not an issue with the hardware, these procedures should be able to fix the problem.
    reset android settings

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However, if for some reason the audio still doesn’t work on your phone even with other apps, then it is possible that the problem is with the speakers. But before you actually bring the phone to the tech, you at least try resetting it to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then at least you’ve wiped off your personal information from  your phone. 

Before you reset your device, make sure to create a copy of your important files as they will be deleted. When ready, follow these steps to reset your device:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap the Settings icon. 
  2. Find and tap General management. 
  3. Touch Reset. 
  4. Tap Factory data reset. 
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Reset.  
  6. If prompted, enter your PIN, Password or Pattern. 
  7. Finally, tap Delete all.

And that’s pretty much what you need to do to if Google Duo has no sound on your Android device. 

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