How to Create a New YouTube Playlist on Galaxy S20

This post will teach you how to organize your YouTube videos using playlists. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a new YouTube Playlist on the Galaxy S20 handset.

YouTube offers a number of significant tools for users to take advantage of and Playlists are among them. With YouTube Playlists, you can make your YouTube videos more organized by topic or theme. 

You can use YouTube playlist to curate your content into different categories and thereby allows new visitors to your channel page to easily find their preferred content. Playlists also help increase Watch Time because they automatically play all of the videos in that list. 

Read on for more detailed instructions on how to get started in making full use of the YouTube Playlists tool on your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone.

Easy steps to Create New YouTube Playlist on Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps will walk you through adding a new playlist on the Galaxy S20 YouTube app. This should help your YouTube videos become more organized. Visual representations are also provided for further references. You may start whenever you’re all set.

  1. Open the YouTube app, to begin with.

    The app shortcut for YouTube is usually found in the G suite along with other Google apps and services.
    To find the G suite shortcut, swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen. Doing so will launch the Apps viewer, which holds the app icons or shortcuts.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - open youtube

  2. Scroll down to the bottom-right corner of the YouTube main screen then tap Library.

    On the next screen you will see Recent videos, History, and Playlists.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - library

  3. To create a new playlist, scroll down to the Playlists section then tap New playlist.

    Doing so will launch another screen with a list of recently watched videos you can add to your playlist.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - new pl

  4. Select the video(s) that you’d like to add to your new playlist.

    To select, just tap to mark the checkbox next to the video that you want to add.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - select videos

  5. After selecting videos, tap NEXT on the upper-right corner of the screen.

    A pop-up menu labeled with New playlist will show up.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - next

  6. Enter your preferred playlist title then set the privacy.

    You can make your playlist private, public or unlisted. 
    To continue with this guide, let’s make it Private so only you can view it.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - private playlist

  7. Finally, tap Create.

    The newly created playlist containing the videos you’ve selected will then be created and added to your existing playlist in YouTube.

    create new youtube playlist galaxy s20 - new playlist added

  • Android 10
  • One UI 2.0 and later
  • Galaxy S20

After creating the playlist, it will be displayed under the Playlists section. Just tap to open and view the videos you’ve added into the new list.

In case you’d ask if there’s a limit to the number of songs and videos that you can add to your YouTube playlist, the answer is yes. YouTube playlists are limited to only 5,000 videos. To free up your list (when you’ve reached the limit), you can remove old and unwanted videos from your playlist.

To remove videos from a playlist, just access the Library tab in the YouTube app then select the playlist that contains the video(s) you want to remove. 

If you have multiple YouTube accounts, make sure that you’re currently signed into the correct YouTube account beforehand so as to ensure that you’re removing the video from the correct playlist.

And that covers everything in this tutorial. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

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