Galaxy S7 edge bootloop problem due to Dr. Fone software installation, random reboot issue

A number of #GalaxyS7 users usually contact us to ask if there’s a way to recover their files after their device has failed. Well, answers really vary depending on the circumstances for each case. There’s no one-size-fits-all recovery trick or tip that we can provide for everyone. However, the general rule is to check whether or not the phone can still communicate with a second device, like a computer. If a computer can still access the phone’s storage device, data recovery is more likely. However, if the phone has totally failed, or the screen won’t turn on at all, there may be a very small chance that data recovery can be performed successfully.

In this post, we try to answer one user who encounters a problem after using a recovery software from Dr. Fone. We also cover briefly a random reboot issue due to a broken Power button so we hope you’ll find this article helpful.

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When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers.

Below are specific topics we’re bringing for you today:

Problem 1: Galaxy S7 edge stuck in bootloop after stopping Dr. Fone software installation

Hi. I have a problem with the Galaxy S7 edge (SM-935F) of my mother’s. She accidentally deleted some photos and I wanted to get back those photos using an Data Recovery Software (Dr.Fone). While it was in Download Mode doing its thing (hasn’t started analyzing yet, just installing some recovery package), it stuck at 100% for a long time and couldn’t go on. So I wanted to abort it (I think I restarted the phone because there wasn’t a stop function in the program, but not sure anymore what I exactly did), and now it stucks at the samsung logo. I tried so much, I went to download mode and tried doing it again and fixing with functions given by Dr. Fone. I did soft restart so often, I restarted it when going into download mode (you can choose if you really want to go into download mode or restart), I can’t get into soft mode. I restarted it from recovery mode, I wiped the cache partition, I also wanted to try FonePaw but it doesn’t support this phone.

Now I’m helpless because I don’t want to do a factory reset. All I need is to somehow get those deleted photos. After I got those I can do a factory reset because there isn’t anything other important stuff on it, only those photos. So a solution with using the download mode and a PC to get those photos without fixing that the phone can’t start properly would also be great for me.

I can go into download mode & Recovery Mode, but not start it normally or in safe mode. I live in Switzerland and am not quite sure on the Android version, but I think it is Nougat. Best regards. — Arbenit Kamberi

Solution: Hi Arbenit. One of the surest way to brick a phone is to interrupt it while it’s installing something, be it an app or a new operating system version. Sometimes, installations can take several minutes depending on the software or app being installed. The intentional interruption that you did may have corrupted the storage device. This often occurs if an installation that involves scanning an entire drive is stopped prematurely. We don’t know how Dr. Fone’s software installation works but most probably, it requires a complete drive scanning since it’s a recovery software. Software of this type can take a long time to install since it needs to read the entire storage device for bits and pieces. Any good recovery software has to be thorough in order to read broken bits and combine them with others to form as recoverable files.

Terminating the entire scanning/installation process is not a good idea at all. It’s the same catastrophic situation that result if you stop or interrupt an Android system update. That’s why it’s recommended that you back important files up and ensure that the phone has enough battery before installing an update. Whether a user turns the device off, or the phone simply turns off due to low battery, the result is always the same — either the phone gets stuck in a bootloop, or the storage device becomes corrupted (complete hardware failure). Unfortunately, either of the two resulting situations require drastic solutions to fix, which in your case, means that you should try factory reset or flashing.

To see if there’s another way to fix the problem without resorting to factory reset or flashing, we suggest that you contact Dr. Fone technical support. We are not very optimistic about other options but you should give it a try.

Problem 2: Galaxy S7 broken Power button causes random shut down

Recently my Samsung Galaxy S7 began having issues with the Power button. It randomly turns the phone on and off and makes the power off option screen constantly pop up. However, the button is not stuck. Rather, it appears that the button is just broken. Today when I was using my phone, it randomly shuts down. Now, when I try to turn it on, it either vibrates every 2 seconds and tries to turn on, but doesn’t, or it loads to my carrier screen but then the screen begins to flicker and the phone turns off. I do not know if this problem has anything to do with the power button issue or not. I have tried to fix the power button to no avail, and booting the phone into recovery mode and wiping the cache, but none of these things has solved the problem. I have also tried to boot the phone into safe mode, but it will not work. I would appreciate any help that can be given to fix this problem. — Ethan

Solution: Hi Ethan. No software fix can help you with a broken button. A factory reset or any other solution that we suggest in our blog can do any good at all. You yourself has acknowledged that the Power button is physically broken. Unless you have that fixed (repaired or replaced), your phone will continue to act erratically. Keep in mind that a malfunctioning power button can lead to other serious hardware problems like battery malfunction or a breakdown of the power management chip. The sooner you get it fixed, the lower the chance of causing permanent hardware damage. More permanent damage on components means more expensive repairs so unless you have plans on replacing this phone soon, have the power button fixed as soon as possible.


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