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Rockstar’s Red Dead Online has recently received a major update and unsurprisingly, many players are reporting crashing issues, errors, and even instances of BSOD or Blue screen of death. Others are also saying that the game has been broken by the recent update 1.21 as animals and some NPS are no longer spawning in a camp. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, this guide might help.

What are the reasons why Red Dead Online is crashing?

PS4 games may crash or encounter problems for many different reasons. Even on on particular game, like Red Dead Online, crashes can occur on different PS4s for a variety of problems. Some consoles may encounter bugs if the firmware is not up-to-date while some may crash or show the CE-34878-0 error because of corrupted game files, damaged hard drive, or other hardware malfunction. 

Below are some of the common causes that we’ve come across as far as Red Dead Online game is concerned.

Coding glitch.

After months of insignificant minor patches, Rockstar has finally released update 1.21, a major update for Red Dead Online since December 2019. Unfortunately, many gamers have noticed right away that said update broke the game right away, with some experiencing serious problems such as their PS4 crashing, showing the dreaded CE-34878-0 error, or not loading up and getting stuck in a blue screen.

If your PS4 was working normally before you updated Red Dead Online, the new game version may have corrupted some game files or a coding glitch may be interfering with the firmware. 

For cases like these, the permanent fix is usually provided by the game developer so there’s nothing much that you can do at this time except to wait for a new patch.

PS4 firmware not updated.

Just like other multiplayer games, you shouldn’t be able to run Red Dead Online if the game software or your PS4 firmware are outdated. Still, you want to ensure that you manually check for any pending update your PS4 may be holding off right now.

Hard drive issue.

One of the common causes for CE-34878-0 error is a bad hard drive. If you are able to play other games on your PS4 but getting the CE-34878-0 error on Red Dead Online, it’s either an issue with your saved game files or hard drive.

Internet connection problem.

Slow or intermittent connection can sometimes lead to some games to crash, especially during matchmaking or even when in the middle of the game. Try to troubleshoot your network first if your connection is unstable, or if your PS4 keeps getting disconnected.

Other unknown hardware malfunction.

The condition of your hardware can affect the performance of games. Make sure that the PS4 has good ventilation to avoid overheating, which is another reason why some games may be crashing. 

If other games aside from Red Dead Online are also crashing for no apparent reason, you should consider checking if it’s being caused by the console. Like computers, the older your console is, the more prone it becomes to hardware malfunction. 

If your PS4 has been around, try playing your games on another console. If you won’t encounter crashing or errors like CE-34878-0, that can be an indicator that your PS4 may need repair or replacement.

How to fix Red Dead Online crashing, BSOD (Blue screen of death) or CE-34878-0 error?

Below are the possible solutions that you can try to fix the crashing issue when playing Red Dead Online.

  1. Force Quit the game

    Some games may crash from time to time but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a serious issue behind it. We can confirm that most Red Dead Online players don’t encounter any problems after the latest August 2020 update so the game may largely be stable for most people. 
    However, if your Red Dead Online game is crashing on you infrequently, try to see if you can fix the problem by force closing it. To do that, follow these steps:
    -Go to your Home screen by pressing the PS button on the controller.
    -Highlight the game or application icon but do not select it.
    -On your controller, press the OPTIONS button.
    -Select Close Application option.
    -Press OK to confirm.

  2. Clear PS4 system cache/reboot the console.

    A corrupted system cache can interfere with the system and games. To refresh this cache, follow the steps below:
    -Turn off your PlayStation 4. Do not enter Rest Mode.
    -Once the indicator light on top of your PS4 is off and has stopped blinking, unplug the power cord from the back of your console.
    -Wait at least 30 seconds.
    -Plug the power cord back into your PS4 and turn it on.PS4 Power button

  3. Keep your PS4 updated.

    If you’re only having an issue with Red Dead Online at this time, we presume that your PS4 firmware is probably updated. However, if you have other games that are crashing too, one of the simplest things that you can do is to update the software.pS4 update 2

  4. Reinstall the game.

    Some Read Dead Redemption 2 problems were fixed before by deleting and reinstalling the game. If you haven’t tried this on Red Dead Online yet,  consider doing this potential solution.

  5. Wait for new game updates.

    If Red Dead Online started crashing only after installing the August 2020 update and none of your other games are doing the same thing, you may be hit by a coding issue. Unfortunately for you, this can only be fixed by new patches. If none of the solutions in this guide has helped, we suggest that you stop playing the game for now and wait for new updates that may fix the problem. 
    As of this writing, Rockstar has not released a statement yet if the crashing issue, CE-34878-0 error, BSOD, and other minor game glitches like horse failing to spawn is caused by the recent update. 
    You can monitor Rockstar’s Twitter support page for any news regarding Red Dead Online.

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