5 Best Retro Game Console with Built-in Games

Today’s video games are all about amazing crystal-clear HD graphics, massive environments, and immersive storylines and the Best Retro Game Console with inbuilt games make it so much fun to play. Though there are many gaming titles that are worth spending time with, it’s sometimes tiring to play the same kind of trending games over and over again. Those who experienced the evolution of gaming over the years would agree that playing back retro arcade is a breath of fresh air. A true-blooded gamer would fully appreciate playing Super Mario Odyssey when he finished a round of Super Mario Brothers in 8 worlds without going through special warp zones. There is sense of fulfillment in a gamer when he uses Link in Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, and have gone through playing across timelines from the Nintendo Entertainment System down to Nintendo Switch, title after title.

At A Glance: Retro Game Console with Built-in Games

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With the dawn of retro gaming back into the mainstream, there also appeared modern versions of the consoles that used to be famous. They are now smaller than they used to, thanks to gaming technologies that can now process graphics and audio with smaller boards and simpler schematics. But more than revived copies, these devices now have built-in games that require no additional hardware! Here are the 5 best retro game consoles with built-in games to feed your retro gaming craving.

Best Retro Game Console with Built-in Games


1) Atari Flashback 8

The Atari gaming console was also one of the famous consoles that gave birth to basic-looking but engaging 8-bit games such as Frogger, Pitfall, and Space Invader. And to keep the old gaming fire alive, Atari has created the Flashback gaming consoles that feature different games depending on the series purchased. We have chosen the Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe because of the over 120 titles included in the device that are majorly known by many. The purchase comes with the gaming unit, an AC adapter, an HDMI cable, 2 wired paddles, and 2 wireless controllers.

Thanks to modern gaming innovations, most of the 40-year old games have retained their audio integrity, with the video enhanced for the 720p experience. But other than size, one major advantage of the recent console revivals is that they now include save/load states that you can save in case you’re stuck in a tight spot and you need to get over without the need of re-spawning from the starting point.


2) PlayStation Classic

The Sony PlayStation was one of the consoles that ushered the era of 3D gaming, along with enhanced 2D graphics processing that made many games an outstanding success. Some of the excellent titles included with the 20 preloaded games are Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Tekken 3, Twisted Metal, and Metal Gear Solid. Though the new console is 45% smaller than the first generation, the fun is still as big and grand.

Purchase includes two wired controllers with no analog sticks, an HDMI cable, a USB power cable, and a virtual memory card. The original controllers were deployed in this console to provide a gamin experience that comes close to that experienced back in the days of 1994 when game play was more on smashing buttons or using your shirt for some slide!

3) Sega Genesis Classic

The console that completes this list of retro-grade gaming is the Sega Genesis; the gaming company that gave birth to noted games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Mortal Kombat, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, and Virtua Fighter. The games mentioned are included in the 81 games preloaded for this revival. If you experienced small with the rest, perhaps this remake is the smallest of them all – with the console almost as big as the controllers.

This was a generation when all six buttons are fit into the controller with ease. But more than the original render of the controllers, Sega also retained the original jacks.

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4) NES Classic

The Nintendo Entertainment System was recreated with almost 100% of the look and feel of the older console, except that the size is a lot smaller than its ancestor. Much of the details, like the buttons and the controller outlets are pretty much the same as the original. One great perk with mini consoles like this one is that it comes preloaded with 30 famous game titles like Super Mario. Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda to name a few. The rear part of the mini version as an outlet for an AC adapter and an HDMI port that provides seamless audio and video, unlike the three-port AV connectors that display pixilated images.

As for the classic controller, you get one with the purchase. The appearance, the texture of the decals, even the materials used with the buttons are as authentic as they feel. One particular setback that’s noticed is that the cable of the controller is too short for normal use. In order to compensate for the problem, extension cables are available for purchase.

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5) Super NES Classic

Claimed to be one of the consoles that heralded an amazing gaming age, the Super NES is one of the best consoles launched with tons of high quality games that defined multi-player play: Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Bomberman, and many more with the other 21 games embedded in the system. Just like the NES Classic, the SNES is also smaller, but the details of the original version were retained, such as the cartridge slot, the power and reset buttons, and even the controller jacks. There were a few tweaks though, such as the eject button not being usable and the ports for the controller can be found when pulling out the attached detail.

The Super NES Classic also has an HDMI and a micro USB adapter port at the back, just like to NES. One excellent detail that was fixed with this version is the length of the controller cables no longer needing extensions. After all, a pair of the extension cables cost is fairly affordable, which may be unnecessary with the SNES Classic. All of the buttons, the D-pad, select and start buttons, and the ABXYLR buttons are all intact and furnished with the same look and feel of the legend.

And the Best Retro Game Consoles with Built-in Games…

All of them offer the gaming experience that only retro gamers would come to appreciate. But more than just a flashback to an age, these gaming consoles are also excellent for introducing the new generation with classic games that paved the way to modern gaming. Whether it’s a Nintendo, a Sega, or an Atari, every game played provides a glimpse of a culture that makes players of all ages would enjoy.

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