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Animal Crossing New Horizons is a massive success for Nintendo especially during the time when millions are in their homes due to the pandemic. The game is largely played by majority of people in online mode because it’s more fun than by simply keeping to yourself offline. However, there may be some times that you would rather indulge the game by yourself. If you have friends whom you find too eager to play with you when you’re online with Animal Crossing, you can try to make your online status appear offline.

To hide your online status and appear offline, you’ll have to go into Nintendo Switch Friend settings and select No one option.

How to appear Offline on Animal Crossing

Hiding your online status when playing Animal Crossing New Horizons is easy. This is a useful trick for those who wants to relax and play the game without distractions. To appear offline on Animal Crossing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Nintendo Home screen.

    Nintendo Home screen

  2. Select your profile account at the upper left.

    Nintendo Switch Profile icon

  3. Scroll down to and select User Settings.

    user settings 1

  4. Select Play Activity Settings.

    Nintendo Switch Play Activity Settings

  5. Select Who do you want to see your play activity?

    Who do you want to see your play activity

  6. Select NO ONE option.

    No one option

What happens after selecting “No One” in Play Activity Settings?

Once you’ve confirmed that you don’t want others know you’re online by selecting No One option, all your friends will no longer notice or get the notification that you’re playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on their end. 

When checking your profile on their Nintendo Switch, they won’t also see your play activities. Later on, if you wish to back online again and let your friends know that you’re playing Animal Crossing, you simply have to change the “Who do you want to see your play activity?” setting again to All users, Friends, or Best friends.

Can you visit other islands on Animal Crossing when you appear offline?

As long as your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet and you have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you should be able to visit someone else’s island even if you appear offline to your friends. 

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