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Hitman 3 is the first big hit game for 2021 but just like any other new game, it’s far from perfect. Just a week after release, a lot of PS4 players have been reporting that they’re now getting the frustrating CE-34878-0 error whenever the Hitman 3 game crashes. If you too are experiencing this error and you have no idea what to do, this guide should help

What does CE-34878-0 error mean?

CE-34878-0 error can occur with or without a game. If it only shows up when playing Hitman 3 and not with any other games, you should focus more on checking certain game-specific aspects such as possible corrupted game files or save data, making sure that the game is fully updated, reinstalling the game. 

If those solutions won’t help to fix Hitman 3 CE-34878-0 error, then there may be other factors that you must look into. Continue reading to know what are the typical causes for this error code.

What causes  CE-34878-0 error when playing Hitman 3?

CE-34878-0 is a general error and can indicate a lot of things in your PS4. For some users, this may be a sign of a hard disk drive fault while for others, it may be as simple as a random game or system software glitch.

Random bug.

If you only experienced CE-34878-0 error once or twice after Hitman 3 crashes, it may be a temporary bug. PS4 consoles may encounter bugs for many different reasons and some of them are insignificant minor disruptions only. 

System software glitch.

At other times, the cause of the problem may be caused by a fault within the system software of the PS4. There’s no perfect system and from time to time, game may crash if your console develops an internal error that it can’t handle.

Some of these errors are triggered by new changes such as when a new application is installed, or when a system update did not install properly.

Game coding problem.

The other possible reason for CE-34878-0 error is game coding issue. There may be some inefficient codes within the game that needs further ironing out at this time. As far as we know, IO Interactive has not associated error code CE-34878-0 to how the game was built, or any possible coding deficiencies on their part. 

The best thing that you can do to fix Hitman 3 coding issues is to ensure that you install updates for the game when they become available. This is an easy task as the game regularly communicates with the game servers so updating is a breeze. However, if you are playing Hitman 3 offline, you should consider connecting your PS4 to the internet from time to time so it gets to install system software and game updates.

Corrupted game files.

Game files and saved data may become corrupted after a system-wide update, or when something else manipulates the software outside the normal PS4 parameters, such as when jailbreaking the firmware.

Hard Disk Drive trouble.

Over time, the original mechanical hard disk drive on your PS4 may fail. For some, their original hard drive may not fail immediately but the system may show signs of eventual failure such as errors, slow performance, lagging, or severe unresponsiveness. 

If you’re getting lots of errors like CE-34878-0 whenever you use the console, it can be a sign that the hard drive is failing at this time.

Face Recognition bug.

Although we have not received any report yet of anyone experiencing crashing issues due to Face Recognition feature, there’s been several reported cases in the past about it causing the CE-34878-0 error on the PS4. 

How to fix Hitman 3  CE-34878-0 error?

If you are wondering how to fix error CE-34878-0, any one of these solutions should work:

Reboot the console.

PS4 Power button 1

Turning off and restarting the PS4 may be simple but it’s been known to get rid of minor bugs and glitches over the years. To see if this will work in fixing error code CE-34878-0, simply power down your PS4 normally and unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds. This should help refresh the system, clear the system cache, and hopefully fix the error CE-34878-0.

Make sure to clean the game disc.

If you Hitman 3 on a disc, make sure that you clean it before inserting it to the console. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the disc to remove dust, lint, and fingerprints.

Check for update (for games and system software).

Even if there’s no known problem, you should regularly allow your console to check for system software and game updates. Again, this should not be an issue for those who connect their PS4 to the internet all the time but if you are the type who only plays a game occasionally, be sure to hook your console up to the internet first before playing.

Don’t use Face Recognition.

If your console is connected to a camera, try turning off Face Recognition and restart the PS4 afterwards. Some users have found this solution effective in fixing this error CE-34878-0.

Change PS4 display settings.

Changing the current settings for your display at this time may help. Some users have reported that this simple solution fixes random error CE-34878-0 when playing Hitman 3.

To change your PS4’s resolution:

  1. Go to your PS4 Home screen.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Sound and Screen.
  4. Select Video Output Settings.
  5. Select Resolution.
  6. Select your preferred resolution.

If the problem won’t go away after changing the resolution, you can revert to your default resolution (usually 1080p).

Rebuild PS4 database.

If Hitman 3 continues to crash at this point and showing error CE-34878-0, there may be an issue with how the files and folders are organized. To see if this is where the problem lies, you can rebuild its database

Reinstall Hitman 3.

If the error is only specific to Hitman 3 and rebuilding the database did not help, the next good thing that you can do is to delete and reinstall the game.

Factory reset.

Doing a factory reset is a drastic solution but since you’re running out of options here, you need to do it at this stage. Make sure to create a backup of your saved games or upload copies of your game progress to the cloud.

Learn how to factory reset your PS4 in this page.

Check for hard drive faults.

PS4 hard drive

Some of the common indicators of a failing hard drive are the following:

  • PS4 is slowing down
  • games constantly crashing
  • system keeps showing errors 
  • overall slow performance, even when not loading or playing a game
  • severe lag
  • system crashes

If you are experiencing any, some or all of these things, it may be time that you look into troubleshooting the hard drive. The first thing that you can do is to of course perform a factory reset. If that did not do anything, consider taking the original hard drive out and replace it with a new one.

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