How to fix Galaxy S20 System Settings errors [Reset All Settings]

New to the Android platform with a Samsung Galaxy S20 as your very first owned Android smartphone? If so, then performing a reset on all settings must be deemed among the first few things you should know how to do. And if you need some help, here’s an easy guide to further assist you. Read on to learn how to delete galaxy s20 system settings errors using its built-in command to reset all settings.

Performing some settings reset is usually recommended when dealing with performance issues in mobile devices. Every device has different types of resets available. There’s a reset for network settings, app preferences, and all system settings. These types of resets do not affect any saved information on the internal memory, hence creating backups won’t be necessary. However, more advanced resets like a factory reset have the opposite outcome as these resets result in permanent data loss. This is when backup creation is highly recommended beforehand. 

The steps elaborated in this post demonstrate the reset on all settings on the new Samsung galaxy s20 device. Feel free to refer to this quick tutorial in case you need more help resetting all settings on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Fixing Galaxy S20 system settings errors by resetting all settings

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps are not only applicable to the Galaxy S20 but also to other Samsung Galaxy devices running on Android 10 and later version. In case you’re having trouble carrying out each procedure, you can refer to its corresponding screenshot or visual representation. Here’s how to reset all settings on the Galaxy S20 to fix random system flaws that are attributed to incorrect settings.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to get started.

    The Apps screen will open through this gesture.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - access apps screen

  2. From the Apps screen, find and tap Settings.

    Doing so will let you access the settings menu and its sub-items to configure.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - open settings app

  3. Scroll down to and tap General management.

    This will lead you to another screen that contains different system options and commands.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - general management menu

  4. Scroll down and tap Reset.

    A new screen that contains different forms of resets will open next.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - reset command

  5. Tap the option to Reset settings.

    Doing so will prompt the device to reset all customized settings. This means that all the changes you've made to your phone will be deleted. But all important files saved on the phone's internal storage won't be affected.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - reset all settings

  6. On the next screen, tap the button to Reset settings.

    Before you do, be sure to read and review which type of data will be affected by this reset.
    If prompted, enter your unlock pattern, PIN or password to proceed.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - reset settings button

  7. Finally, tap the Reset button to confirm that you'd like to reset all settings on your phone.

    When the reset is complete, all settings on your phone will be reset to their defaults or original values.

    reset all settings galaxy s20 - confirm reset command

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and up
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Plus

After the reset, you need to re-enable individual features on your phone, particularly those that are disabled by default or else you won’t be able to use them as intended. Among the key features you should consider re-enabling after this settings reset are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as permissions for certain apps to access system functions on your device.

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After the reset, your phone will restart on its own to apply the default settings. If it doesn’t auto-reset, then you will need to manually do so. 

And that covers everything in this guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

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