How to Set Up Samsung Galaxy S20 for the First Time [Initial Setup Guide]

Getting ready to utilize the new features on your recently procured Galaxy smartphone? This context will help you get started. In case you need help setting up your new Samsung Galaxy S20 for the first time, I prepared an easy initial setup guide as free reference. Here’s how to set up Samsung galaxy s20 to everything in it all set for full use.

In order to use a new smartphone, it has to be set up beforehand. Hence, every smartphone is programmed with an initial setup wizard. Through this wizard users would be able to activate necessary features using automatic settings. That said, it’s going to be a straightforward process. Among the key smartphone features that need to be activated during setup are Wi-Fi connection and account information.

In this post, I demonstrate the actual setup process carried out on the recently released Samsung Galaxy flagship device, particularly the galaxy s20. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Easy steps to Set Up Samsung Galaxy S20 for the first time

Time Needed : 10 minutes

The following steps demonstrate the actual initial setup process on the new Samsung Galaxy S20. The main features that are activated in this setup include Wi-Fi, data transfer, Google account, security, Samsung account and services. To make it easier for Android starters, I’ve also provided visual representations in the form of screenshots, depicting each of the given instructions. And here’s how the Galaxy S20 initial setup process is carried out.

  1. First, turn the device on.

    Just locate and long-press the Side/Power button on the phone until the Samsung logo appears. The first boot-up process may take longer, which is normal though given that it’s a new device. So just wait patiently.

    set up galaxy s20 - press power to turn on

  2. After booting up, you’ll see the first setup screen labeled Let's go. Tap the Drop-down arrow next to the default language.

    Doing so will let you change the language to your preferred dialect.

    set up galaxy s20 - dropdown language select

  3. After setting the language to use, tap the Arrow right to continue.

    A new screen containing the user license agreement and relevant information will show up next.

    set up galaxy s20 next arrow after language selection

  4. Just tap to mark the radio button before the “I have read and agree to all of the above” then tap Next.

    Doing so will mark all the above options, confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions.

    set up galaxy s20 - agree to terms and next

  5. On the next screen, you will be prompted to select a Wi-Fi network. Scroll down to the list of available Wi-Fi networks then tap to select the preferred Wi-Fi.

    Make sure that your modem or wireless router is turned on and your phone is getting a good signal. The Wi-Fi switch must also be enabled on your phone.
    If you don't see your Wi-Fi network in the list, you can add it manually instead. Just tap the Add network option then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to add the network. If your network is already on the list, continue to the next step to connect to it.

    set up galaxy s20 - select wifi network

  6. Enter the correct network password into the provided text field.

    To prompt your device to auto-reconnect after a restart or unexpected internet service interruption, tap to turn on the Auto-reconnect switch to enable the feature.

    set up galaxy s20 - enter wifi password

  7. Then tap the Connect button.

    You'll be routed back to the previous screen where you can see the list of all available Wi-Fi networks. Just wait for the phone to finish checking the quality of your internet connection and get connected to the network.
    A Connected label beneath the network name will then appear. That's an indication that your phone is already connected to the Wi-Fi network.

    set up galaxy s20 - connect to wifi

  8. Tap Next to continue.

    The next thing your phone will process is checking for updates. The entire process usually takes several minutes to complete. 
    Just wait for the phone to finish installing software updates automatically then prompts the next setup display.

    set up galaxy s20 - wifi connected next

  9. On the Google screen, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account. That said, enter your email address (Gmail) in the provided text field then tap Next to continue.

    Be sure to type in the correct email address that you want to use on your device.
    If you don't have a Google account yet, tap the option to Create account instead.
    You may also opt to Skip this process but be sure to set it up soon because a Google account is required to download Play Store apps and services on your device.

    set up galaxy s20 - enter gmail email address

  10. On the next screen, enter the correct password for your Google/Gmail account then tap Next to proceed.

    Note that the password is case sensitive. To ensure that you've entered the correct password, you can tap the show password icon in the Password text field to view the actual text you typed in.

    set up galaxy s20 - gmail password next

  11. If prompted, tap Yes on your other Android device to confirm and authorize access to your Google/Gmail account.

    This is part of Google's 2-step verification system to keep your account secure.
    After confirming access on your other device, your Google account information will be accessed and used on your Galaxy S20.

    set up galaxy s20 - two-step verification screen

  12. Tap Next on the following screen to continue.

    You will be prompted with information on the Google services provisioned for your Google account.

    set up galaxy s20 - google account authentication

  13. Tap More to view more information then tap the ACCEPT button to agree to Google services terms and agreements.

    You can read and review the details before tapping the ACCEPT button to clarify the terms and conditions prior to agreeing.

    set up galaxy s20 - agree to google services terms

  14. On the next screen, you will be prompted to protect your device with the basic and advanced security options such as Face recognition, Fingerprints, Pattern, PIN and Password.
    You may opt to Skip the process and set it up later.

    To continue with this guide, let's just skip the security setup so tap Skip anyway to confirm and proceed to the next step.

    set up galaxy s20 - skip lockscreen setup

  15. On the next screen, you'll be asked to review additional apps. Just tap on the check mark to select the apps you'd like to review or tap the checkbox next to All of the following apps to deselect all apps and skip the review process. Then tap OK to continue.

    To continue with this guide, let’s just skip the apps reviewing process to save time, let’s go for the latter option to un-check all the boxes.

    set up galaxy s20 - review additional apps

  16. Wait for your phone to add finishing touches.

    On the next screen, you'll be prompted with optional Samsung apps to download when Wi-Fi is available.

    set up galaxy s20 - get recommended samsung apps

  17. Just tap the un-check both apps to stop deny/stop auto-download. Then tap NEXT to continue.

    On the next screen, you'll be prompted to sign into your Samsung account.

    set up galaxy s20 - uncheck samsung apps

  18. Enter your Samsung account information, if available.

    If you haven't set up a Samsung account yet, then just tap the option to Skip this process and set up your Samsung account later.
    After logging into your Samsung account, you'll be prompted with the special terms and conditions for using Samsung services.

    set up galaxy s20 - skip sign into samsung account

  19. Tap the mark the radio button before the “I have read and agree to all the above,” then tap Agree.

    Doing so confirms that you've read and agreed to all Samsung's terms and conditions for using its services.

    set up galaxy s20 - agree to samsung terms

  20. Finally, tap Finish to complete the initial setup process.

    By then, your device is all set up and ready.

    set up galaxy s20 - finish setup

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and up
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Plus

The Home screen will then load up and from there you can start loading apps you’d like to use on your new phone. You may have to configure some settings on some apps, especially that it’s the first time you will use them. If that is so, then just follow the onscreen instructions and you should be all set.

Settings and features that you skipped or didn’t configure during the initial setup can also be modified or updated at any time or when you need to.

To download new apps and online content you want to use on your device, simply head on to the Play Store and use your Google credentials to authorize and confirm Play Store downloads and purchases.

And that covers everything in this guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

You can also check out our YouTube channel to view more smartphone video tutorials and troubleshooting guides

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