How to fix Galaxy S20 No SIM card error [Quick solutions]

This post will walk you through troubleshooting the Galaxy S20 that is unable to detect the SIM card. Here’s an easy guide for you to deal with the Galaxy S20 no SIM card error. 

SIM card not detected, No service or No signal detected are common errors that show up whenever a network problem arises. These errors can be attributed to a system issue and in some cases, hardware damage. There are also some instances when any of these errors occurs due to a temporary network outage. Read on to find out what causes your new phone to fail or stop detecting the SIM card and instead, only prompts this error.

Troubleshooting Galaxy S20 that cannot detect SIM card

Time Needed : 10 minutes

The following are basic solutions to minor network issues including SIM card detection errors. Before you proceed, verify and ensure that you’re within your cellular network’s coverage area. Also make sure that the SIM card is actually inserted in your phone. If you’ve got that verified and yet your phone is still showing the same error, you can go ahead and start ruling out software-related culprits.

  1. Restart the phone (soft reset or force restart).

    If your phone was able to read the SIM card and then suddenly it failed, there’s a higher chance that a system glitch is occurring. In this case, performing a soft reset or restart on the phone can help. 
    You can carry out the usual restart procedure by pressing on the Bixby/Power key and then tap on Restart. 
    Alternatively, you can do a force restart on your Galaxy S20 to end all stuck apps and erratic services that might have caused conflicts to cellular functions.
    To force restart the Galaxy S20, press the Volume Down button and the Bixby/Power key simultaneously for about 10 to 15 seconds and then release both buttons when the Samsung logo appears.
    Both these restarts are known to be effective in eradicating random symptoms inflicted by minor system glitches. All saved data won’t be affected in the process and therefore, backing up files is not needed. Rest assured, all data stored on the internal memory will remain intact.

    how to fix galaxy s20 no sim card error - restart the phone

  2. Turn Airplane Mode on and off.

    Random issues affecting wireless network services including those depicted by the No SIM card error can also be remedied by the so-called Airplane mode trick. Performing this trick will give a simultaneous restart to the phone’s wireless system and relevant functions.
    To carry out the Airplane mode trick, simply head over to Apps-> Settings-> Connections-> Airplane Mode menu and then toggle the Airplane mode switch to turn the feature ON. While Airplane mode is turned on, restart your phone to clear and refresh the internal memory. After it reboots, head over to the Airplane mode menu and toggle the switch to turn the feature OFF again. 
    Your device will then re-establish wireless signal. Give it a few moments and see if the No SIM card error is gone already.

    how to fix galaxy s20 no sim card error - airplane mode trick

  3. Remove then reinsert SIM card.

    A no SIM card error may also occur if the SIM card got corrupted. The same thing when it has been dislodged from the SIM card tray. To rule this out, remove the SIM card from your phone and then reinstall it.
    Before you remove the SIM card, be sure to turn off your phone to prevent causing any sort of the damage to the SIM card or the phone itself.
    Once it’s completely turned off, get the SIM ejector tool then insert it into the small slot on the SIM card tray. The tray is located on the top-left side of the phone. Gently push the SIM ejector until the tray pops out and then you can remove the SIM card.
    If you don’t have the SIM ejector, you can use a small paperclip as an alternative. 
    Also examine the SIM card for any visible signs of damage like scratches or liquid traces. A no SIM card error may also be a direct indication that the SIM card is no longer working. In this case, getting a new SIM card replacement would be necessary.

    how to fix galaxy s20 no sim card error - reseat the SIM card

  4. Restore factory defaults (Factory reset or Master reset).

    If the error remains after performing the previous methods, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a complex network system issue on the phone. To deal with stubborn errors, more advanced solutions like a master reset are usually needed. Should you wish to troubleshoot further, the next option and possible solution you can try would be a factory reset.
    To factory reset the Galaxy S20, navigate to Settings-> General management-> Reset menu and then select Factory data reset from the given options. Again, be sure to back up all important files from the internal memory beforehand. Failure to do so will result in permanent data loss because this reset will delete all your files. After securing your backup, tap Reset to confirm that you'd like to erase your device. 
    The entire reset process may take longer depending on the amount of data stored on the phone. That said, just wait until the reset is finished. 
    After the reset, all settings are restored to defaults. This means the need for you to set up all necessary features so you can use them again on your phone.

    how to fix galaxy s20 no sim card error - factory reset

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and up
  • Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you have another spare SIM card that is compatible with the galaxy s20, try to insert that in your phone and see if the error occurs. If the phone managed to detect the other SIM card, then that denotes an isolated problem with the first SIM card. 

Contact your network service provider/carrier if you need to get a new SIM card replacement. It is imperative that the new SIM card is provisioned with the correct services that your account is subscribed to.

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And that covers everything in this troubleshooting guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive troubleshooting guides and tutorials that would help you make the most of what the new Samsung galaxy s20 has to offer.

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