Galaxy S20 can’t make calls [Quick Fixes]

This post will help you troubleshoot a Galaxy S20 that can’t make calls. Read on to find out what to do if your new Samsung smartphone suddenly won’t make any phone calls. 

Several factors can affect the phone’s calling functions. Among the usual culprits are network connectivity issues resulting in poor to no cellular signal, incorrect network settings, account problems and temporary outages.So let us rule them out one by one in this quick walkthrough.

If you see any error prompts, read and review the message as it often indicates the cause of the problem along with the recommended solution.

Troubleshooting a Galaxy S20 that cannot make phone calls

Time Needed : 10 minutes

The following are basic solutions to eliminate common causes of calling issues in smartphones. Try these to rule out software-related factors from the underlying cause. Before you proceed, check and ensure that your phone has a strong and stable cellular signal. If it doesn’t, then you will need to deal with signal issues first. If you’re only having trouble calling a specific number but others are working, then that’s apparently not a problem with your phone. If the signal is good but your phone won’t make any phone calls for some reason, try these subsequent solutions.

  1. Force close Phone app.

    If this is the first instance wherein your calls won’t go through, it’s probably just due to some random app glitches, transpiring on the Phone app. Perhaps the Phone app has crashed and stopped working.
    To fix the problem, end or force close the application. That will allow it to have a clean fresh start.
    To do this, just tap the Recent apps shortcut icon at the bottom of the Home screen to view all recent applications. Find the Phone app and then close it by swiping the app card left or right. Or simply tap the Close all button to end all running apps including Phone.
    Alternatively, you can use the settings menu. To do this, navigate to Apps-> Settings-> Apps menu. From the Apps screen, tap on the triple-dot icon/quick menu/more settings icon located on the upper-right corner. Select the option to Show system apps and then tap on the Phone app. The App info page will appear and from here you can tap the Force stop button. 
    The Phone app will then be ended forcibly.

    how to fix galaxy s20 cannot make calls - force close phone app

  2. Clear Phone app cache and data.

    Clearing cache and data from the Phone app can also be the key to fixing the problem if corrupted in-app caches are to blame. Any app will have the tendency to act up or stop working properly whenever temporary files accumulate. That said, clearing app cache and data on a regular basis is also recommended.
    To do this, simply navigate to Settings-> Apps menu and then select the Phone app. After selecting the app, tap Storage then tap the Clear Cache button.
    The entire cache clearing process may take longer depending on the amount of temporary files to clear on your device.
    After clearing cache and data on the Phone app, you may have to reconfigure and/or re-enable some features individually.

    how to fix galaxy s20 cannot make calls - clear phone app cache and data

  3. Restart the phone.

    A simple restart on the phone does not only give some breather but more importantly, it clears out any minor system errors and conflicts caused by random glitches and malware. This should be good enough to deal with the problem if the Phone app is at fault. 
    The typical way of restarting the Galaxy S20 is through the Power or Bixby key. Simply press on the Power/Bixby key for a few seconds and then release when the power options appear. Then tap Restart to prompt the device to close all services and instigate a system reboot.
    Alternatively, you can force restart the phone by pressing and holding both the Volume Down and Bixby key and then release when the device restarts
    Restarting the phone does not affect any saved information on the internal memory and therefore, doesn’t result in permanent deletion of data. Just be sure to follow the correct procedure to restart or soft reset your Galaxy S20.

    how to fix galaxy s20 cannot make calls - restart phone

  4. Enable disable Airplane mode.

    When dealing with smartphone issues affecting wireless features and relevant services, performing the Airplane mode trick is often used among other basic tweaks. 
    To do this, navigate to Settings-> Connections-> Airplane mode and then toggle the switch to enable the feature. 
    Restart your phone while Airplane mode is enabled and then head back to the same menu to disable the feature.
    This tweak should help eliminate random flaws affecting relevant functions.
    Enabling Airplane mode automatically disables all wireless features and services on the phone while disabling it turns these features back on again. Hence, it’s like a simultaneous restart and refresh to the phone’s wireless functions and thereby eliminates minor network flaws.

    how to fix galaxy s20 cannot make calls - airplane mode trick

  5. Reset network settings.

    Invalid or erroneous network configuration can also result in the same calling issues. Thus, if the phone started to fail making phone calls after modifying some settings, try to revert the changes back to the previous or default settings.This is when you should carry out a network settings reset on your Galaxy S20.
    To do this, go to Settings-> General management-> Reset menu and then select the option to Reset network settings. Read the following instructions then tap Reset to confirm.
    Network settings and customized options are then deleted while the original values are restored.
    Don’t forget to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and enable other relevant features so you can use them again on your phone.

    how to fix galaxy s20 cannot make calls - reset network settings

  6. Remount the SIM card.

    Calling issues can also be directly attributed to a faulty SIM card. This is often the case if the SIM card system gets corrupted. The same thing can happen if the SIM card has been dislodged from the tray. To clear this out, try to remount the SIM card on your Galaxy S20.
    To do this, turn off your phone then use the SIM ejector tool to open the SIM tray. Remove the SIM card from the tray and examine it for any visible signs of damage such as scratches and liquid traces. If everything looks good, place it back into the tray in the same orientation/placement before you remove it. Secure the SIM card in place then push the tray back into the phone to close it.
    After locking the SIM card tray, turn your phone back on and wait for it to establish a network signal. By then you can place a test call to see if it’s already working.

    how to fix galaxy s20 cannot make calls - remount SIM card

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and up
  • Galaxy S20

You can also try using a different SIM card, if you have one available. Doing so will help you determine whether or not the problem is with the SIM card in use. If you can make calls using a different SIM card, it’s apparently a SIM card issue. In that case, you can request a new SIM card replacement from your carrier.

If you still cannot make phone calls on your galaxy s20 after performing all the given solutions, there’s a higher chance that the problem is from within the network base. To check on these matters, contact your network service provider. 

It is also imperative to check on a few things. If you’re on prepaid, check your credits. An obvious reason why you can’t make a call on prepaid is that you don’t have enough credits or sufficient balance to make the call. Meanwhile, if you’re on a postpaid account, check your account status and make sure it’s good. Outgoing services are temporarily disabled whenever your account status is in soft disconnect due to unpaid bills or other relevant issues.

Hope this helps!  

And that covers everything in this troubleshooting guide. Please keep posted for more comprehensive troubleshooting guides and tutorials that would help you make the most of what the new Samsung galaxy s20 has to offer.

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