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How to fix ‘500 Internal Server Error’ on YouTube App Galaxy S20

Tackled in this post is one of the common errors that occur when using the YouTube app for Android. Read on to learn what to do if you will encounter the ‘500 internal server error’ when using YouTube on your Galaxy S20.

What does the ‘500 internal server error’ mean?

This error means that something went wrong on the YouTube website or app’s server. That being said, the problem isn’t likely on the phone. Even though, it is still imperative to rule out other common factors that might have triggered the same error to occur. Should you opt to troubleshoot your device, I’ve laid out a few potential solutions you can try. 

Easy ways to deal with ‘500 internal service error’ on YouTube app

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Performing the following tweaks will help rule out common factors that can halt online apps like YouTube from loading and rather prompts the said error message. Don’t forget to reload the app after carrying out each of the given solutions to figure if the problem is fixed.

  1. Restart your Internet connection.

    Given that the error message says something about the server, checking the internet connection on your phone is the first recommendation. Random internet problems are inevitable and therefore, this must be ruled out beforehand.The easiest way to check your internet connection is to open a browser then navigate through different websites and pages. Loading other internet-based apps is also an option. If there’s no problem loading websites and online apps, it means that the internet is working fine. Otherwise, you’ll need to refresh it.There are many ways to refresh or restart the internet connection on your phone. You can work on the Wi-Fi toggle or go straight to the modem or router reboot. Or you can also try doing the old Airplane mode trick.If you’ve set up another Wi-Fi network on your phone, try to forget the current network then switch to another Wi-Fi network. This is likely the required solution if the problem is attributed to a corrupted Wi-Fi network in use.To forget the Wi-Fi network on your Galaxy S20, simply follow these steps:1. Go to Settings.2. Tap Connections.3. Tap Wi-Fi.4. Tap the Settings (gear) icon next to your Wi-Fi network.5. Then tap Forget at the bottom-rightmost corner of the screen.The selected Wi-Fi network will then be forgotten and deleted from the phone’s Wi-Fi directory.At this point, you can select any from your other active Wi-Fi networks.fix youtube 500 internal server error galaxy s20-refresh inet

  2. Force close then restart YouTube app.

    In-app errors can also trigger occurrence of different types of errors. To eliminate in-app glitches, forcing the app to quit and then restarting it can help.To force close YouTube app on your Galaxy S20, simply follow these steps:1. Go to Settings.2. Tap Apps.3. Select YouTube from the list of apps.4. Tap the Force stop button at the bottom-rightmost corner of the YouTube app screen.Doing so will end the app. After a few seconds, launch the app again and see if the error is gone already.Clearing the app’s cache and data can also come in handy, especially if corrupted temporary files and data in the app are to blame.fix youtube 500 internal server error galaxy s20-forceclose

  3. Update YouTube app.

    Keeping apps up-to-date is one way to ensure optimum performance. Software updates released by the app developers not only cater new features but also embed critical patches to fix existing in-app glitches, particularly those inflicted by stubborn bugs. That said, installing pending updates for YouTube app can also be the key to resolving the error.To check for pending YouTube update on your Galaxy S20, simply follow these steps:1. Open the Play Store or Google Play app.2. Access your Play Store menu then go to My apps & Games.3. From the Updates tab, scroll down and find YouTube in the list. 4. If the app is listed, it means that an update is available. 5. Tap the Update button next to YouTube or tap Update All.Wait for YouTube to finish updating. When the update is complete, restart your phone to ensure that all new software changes are properly saved and applied.Retry loading YouTube again after the phone reboots and see if it’s already working.fix youtube 500 internal server error galaxy s20-update

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy S20

Could this be a problem with the app or YouTube server?

To determine whether or not the problem is isolated to the YouTube app, try to access YouTube through a browser. 

If the error does not occur when using YouTube on a browser, there’s a higher chance that the app is erratic. In that case, reinstalling the application would be necessary. 

If the error shows on both the YouTube app and browser version, then it could be a problem with Google’s YouTube server. In this case, you can either come back later and retry or reach out to YouTube Help for further assistance.

And that covers everything in this troubleshooting guide. Keep posted for more comprehensive app tutorials and troubleshooting guides in our upcoming posts. 

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