How To Fix Dark Alliance CE-34878-0 Error | Crashing On PS4

If you’re into action or role-playing games, the new Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is one of the good games you can play in your PS4 right now. But just like any newly released games, Dark Alliance has been reported to be crashing on some PS4 units and showing the annoying  CE-34878-0 error. If you have this problem right now, this troubleshooting article will help you fix it.

Why does Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance keep crashing?

Dark Alliance can keep crashing on your PS4 due to a lot of factors. As it is a new game, it’s possible that the crashes or the reason for the CE-34878-0 error is due to a minor coding glitch. New games are patched up over time so the best way to keep bugs away is to ensure that you update.

At other times, games may crash if there’s an issue with the console’s software. 

Dark Alliance

How to fix Dark Alliance CE-34878-0 error?

If Dark Alliance keeps crashing on your PS4, or if it loads briefly then crashes with the CE-34878-0 error, these are the solutions that you want to try:

Fix #1: Restart the game.

Some PS4 game crashes are caused by minor or randomly triggered bugs. These crashes may occur in rare cases only and may be gone after restarting the application. Make sure that you close the Dark Alliance game if you happen to experience a crash out of the blue.

Fix #2: Clear PS4 system cache.

Another simple trick that you can try when dealing with game crashes on the PS4 is to power cycle the console. This allows the system to refresh its system cache, which hopefully may address the random bug. 

In order to properly clear the system cache, you want to turn off the PS4 and unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds. Afterwards, you want to turn the PS4 back on and check how Dark Alliance game works.

Fix #3: Check for game updates.

New games tend to be buggy and Dark Alliance is no exception. Make sure that you check if there are pending updates for the game at this time and make sure to install them. By default, your PS4 should check for updates on its own but you can also manually verify if there’s a new update that the system has not installed yet. 

You can also try to check the notifications to see if you can get the console going with the update. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Home screen.
  2. Select the Notifications icon (circle with an “i”).
  3. Press the OPTIONS button on your controller.
  4. In the menu, select Delete.
  5. Choose Select All.
  6. Select Delete.
  7. Once you’ve deleted all the notifications, try to manually install the update again.

There are also some cases when a game update is stuck and can’t proceed. In this case, you need to manually delete and redownload the update. Again, go into Notifications, select Downloads, highlight the update you want to delete, press Enter (red circle button), then select Cancel and delete.

Fix #4: Disable Face Recognition.

If you’re using the PlayStation Camera on your PS4, it’s possible that the CE-34878-0 error is caused by a bug in the Face Recognition feature. 

To disable Face Recognition, do these steps:

  1. Unplug the PlayStation Camera from the console.
  2. Restart the PS4.
  3. From the PlayStation home screen, select Settings.
  4. Select User.
  5. Select Login Settings.
  6. Uncheck Enable Face Recognition.

Fix #5: Reinstall Dark Alliance.

If you continue to experience the CE-34878-0 error after Dark Alliance has crashed, the next solution that you can try is to delete and reinstall the game. This can be an effective solution if the main reason for the trouble is due to a deeper glitch in the software.

Fix #6: Rebuild PS4 cache.

Some users were able to fix the error code CE-34878-0 on their PS4 in the past by making sure that the console’s database is refreshed. To do this, you can rebuild the PS4 database.

Fix #7: Factory reset the PS4.

The final solution that you can try is revert your console’s software back to defaults by doing a factory reset. To do that, you need to bring the PS4 to Safe Mode and select Option 6 [Initialize PS4].


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