How To Fix PS4 SU-42118-6 Error | NEW & Updated in 2024

Are you experiencing the annoying error SU-42118-6 on your PS4? In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you the things that you can do to address this problem.

What does the PS4 SU-42118-6 error mean?

SU-42118-6 is one of the hard to fix error codes in the PlayStation 4 over the years. For many, this error indicates a serious hardware malfunction that requires opening and even repairing the console. This is because SU-42118-6 can be a sign that the console is not detecting the blu-ray drive due to a broken BD-ROM ribbon connection, or the hard disk drive.

For some people who experienced SU-42118-6 on and off, it may be an indication of a malfunctioning or broken ribbon connector for the blu-ray drive, or may be a randomly triggered error due to a software glitch. 

In either of these cases, you may have to fix the SU-42118-6 error on the PS4 by replacing the BD-ROM ribbon connection, or the entire hard disk drive assembly. 

If you’re lucky and the error is triggered by the system due to a glitch, a factory reset may help.

Removing PS4 optical drive

How to fix PS4 SU-42118-6 error?

SU-42118-6 may be a serious problem but it doesn’t mean that you’re totally helpless when you experience it. Below are the solutions that you can do to get rid of the SU-42118-6 error on your PS4. We’ll show you some of the software troubleshooting steps that you can do before you seek the help of a professional in fixing the error.

Solution #1: Reboot your PS4.

For some users, SU-42118-6 error may only happen from time to time, which may suggest that there’s something in the software that triggers it. It’s highly unusual for a PS4 to be doing this when it’s working normally so getting the SU-42118-6 out of the blue is definitely a bad sign. However, you can still try to see if the error goes away on its own if you refresh the system by rebooting it. To do that, simply press the power button for 12 seconds and restart it.

Solution #2: Try updating system software.

Whether you have an issue or not, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the software environment is fully updated. Connect your PS4 to the internet and check if there’s any system software that you can install at the moment.

Solution #3: Factory reset via Safe Mode.

Some PS4 users were able to fix error SU-42118-6 by wiping their console through a factory reset. Before you perform a reset, be sure back up your saved data or game progress to avoid losing them.

NOTE: If the error SU-42118-6 started showing up after you disassembled your PS4, it’s possible that you may not have done the BD-ROM ribbon connection properly. You can skip the factory reset and simply check if there’s a broken ribbon connector.

Solution #4: Check for a broken ribbon connector.

If a factory reset did not help at all, and the same error code continues to show after your console does a restart loop, you can open the console yourself and see if the ribbon connector is damaged, disconnected, or needs a replacement.

Solution #5: Get professional help.

If you have no idea how to open the console, or how to identify the right hardware component, bring your console to the nearest Sony Repair Service Center or to a third party service store.


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