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Google Play developers earn less than on the App Store

A new study shows that top app developers are actually earning tons of cash over on Apple’s App Store, and significantly less on Google Play. Studying 100 top app developers, data that Sensor Tower obtained, shows that app developers actually earned $84 million in sales in Q1 2019, a $9 million increase from this same

Google Stadia controller now individually up for sale on the Google Store

Preciously, the Google Stadia controller could only be purchased if you bought the Founder’s Edition, but now, Google is letting consumers pick up the Stadia controller as an individual product. Just like the Founder’s Edition, the Google Stadia controller will ship out to buyers later this year in November. Colors available are Clearly White, Just

ASUS to Launch ROG Phone 2 on July 23

ASUS launched the ROG Phone in June last year and appears to be preparing for the launch of the successor. According to a new report from China, the company will launch the ROG Phone 2 on July 23 at a dedicated ASUS event in Beijing, China. It is being said that the company will subsequently

Samsung Galaxy A70 Facebook Keeps Crashing

Samsung remains king in the display market

Samsung has its hands in many different electronic industries, but one industry that’s doing particularly well is their display — the Korean tech giant actually accounted for 40.2% of all display sales in Q1 2019. The report says that Samsung shipped $3.4 billion worth of displays. While that accounts for 40.2% of the total market,

Huawei Nova 4 Facebook Keeps Crashing

US Huawei Ban could affect revenue up to $30 billion

Huawei could be readjusting its revenue forecast this year, and it’s all because of the US blacklist. The Chinese-based company has been fairly positive about the blacklist in the US, but now, CEO Ren Zhengfei is opening up about how much of a hit the company is going to take. They’re going to see a

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Instagram Making It Easier to Recover Stolen Accounts

Instagram is reportedly working on a new update that allows users to reclaim lost or stolen accounts directly through the app. Currently, the process involves filling out a support form or sending the Instagram team an email. But thanks to the new changes, users will be able to ask for a verification code over their

Huawei Files Trademark for Android Replacement OS “HongMeng”

With Huawei losing access to Android after the fallout with the U.S. Government and subsequently Google, the company has had to take other measures. One of them includes the development of a new OS, known as HongMeng, which is reportedly going to break cover with the company’s smartphones in October. Huawei has currently filed trademarks

Existing YouTube TV subscribers get free SHOWTIME over the Summer

YouTube TV is a fairly affordable way to get live TV without signing up for a cable subscription; however, there are a handful of add-ons that can make YouTube TV extremely expensive. Adding channels to your package like SHOWTIME, STARZ, and AMC can really hike up your bill. However, for existing YouTube TV customers this

Tesla vehicles soon to get YouTube app support

Tesla reveled at E3 2019 in Los Angeles that Tesla vehicles could be getting YouTube functionality in the car’s next software update, “Version 10.” Elon Musk revealed this during a Q&A at the event, but worry not — Tesla owners aren’t going to be able to watch YouTube while they’re on road. Musk at the

You Can Officially Get the Sprint Galaxy S10 5G on June 21

Sprint has rolled out its high-speed 5G services in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City for the time being. Although a few more cities are expected to be added by the carrier, the rollout is far from complete. However, this doesn’t stop the carrier from releasing brand new 5G capable handsets for the consumers who

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Launches Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E in the U.S.

Samsung has surprised everyone by announcing two new fitness wearables for the North American market. Known as the Gear Fit and the Gear Fit e, these offerings will cater to multiple segments of the market. Both wearables are expected to start shipping by June 18. To start off, the Galaxy Fit is the bigger wearable

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold won’t be launching in July

We were looking at a possible July launch for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but a new statement from Samsung suggests that may not actually be the case. Reports were saying that we would see a July launch, where the phone would have a sort-of re-introduction at a media event in Korea. However, Samsung denied that: