Android 15’s Secret Dark Mode Trick Will Blow Your Mind – Force Any App to Go Dark!

Android fans have something major to look forward to in the upcoming Android 15 update. According to a new discovery by Android Authority’s Mishaal Rahman, Google is preparing to launch a game-changing dark mode feature that will allow users to force dark mode in any app, even if the app doesn’t natively support a dark theme.

dark mode

The new feature, called “make all apps dark”, was first spotted hidden in the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 update released back in January. It improves upon Android’s existing “override force-dark” developer option in several key ways:

  • It works on significantly more apps compared to “override force-dark”. Rahman found popular holdout apps like Fitbit, Amazon Shopping, PayPal, and Walmart all rendered much better using the new option.
  • Apps can no longer opt-out of the forced dark mode. With “override force-dark”, developers could prevent their apps from being forced into a dark theme.
  • The feature will be easily accessible to all users under Settings > Accessibility > Color and motion. Currently, the only user-facing way to force apps dark is an imperfect color inversion setting.

Based on Rahman’s testing, “make all apps dark” is already fully functional, and is just waiting for Google to flip the switch and make it visible to users.

With Android 15 Beta 2 set to release next month after Google I/O 2024, there’s a good chance this highly-anticipated feature could be launching very soon.

Over 80% of Android users said they enable dark mode wherever it’s available, according to an Android Authority poll from 2020. So the ability to apply a consistent dark theme across every app is likely to be a very popular addition.

While the forced dark mode isn’t always perfect, with some contrast issues on certain buttons and UI elements, it’s still a huge upgrade in visual consistency for the dwindling number of apps still stubbornly sticking to a blinding white theme. Android 15 can’t come soon enough.

Source: AA

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