Google Pay App Shutting Down in the US This June

Google has announced that it will be discontinuing its Google Pay app in the United States starting on June 4th, 2024. The move comes as part of an effort by Google to simplify and unify its payment offerings under the Google Wallet app. This change will impact how users access and manage payments on their Android devices.

Why is Google Shutting Down Google Pay?

Google Pay was launched in 2015 as a rebranding of Google’s previous digital wallet service Google Wallet. Over the years, Google Pay expanded significantly, allowing users to store loyalty/rewards cards, use contactless payments, and send peer-to-peer payments.

However, Google Wallet continued to operate in parallel. This led to some confusion among users as the two apps offered overlapping functionality. Shutting down Google Pay aims to eliminate this confusion by directing all payment features into the Google Wallet app.

Google also cites Google Wallet’s larger user base as a reason for the transition. With 5 times more users than Google Pay, consolidating efforts under Wallet allows Google to focus on improving one centralized payments experience.

What Features Will No Longer Be Available?

The discontinuation of the Google Pay app spells the end of several features:

  • Peer-to-Peer Payments: Users will no longer be able send or receive money from contacts. Platforms like Venmo or CashApp will need to be used instead.
  • Google Pay Balance: The ability to view, manage, and transfer a Google Pay balance will go away. Users will need to transfer funds to their bank before June 4th.
  • Google Pay Offers: The deals and discounts section of the Google Pay app will no longer be available. Google suggests using the deals destination on Search instead.
  • Google Pay App Itself: The app will vanish from app stores and devices. All payments functionality will now be handled in Google Wallet.

What Functionality is Staying?

While the Google Pay app is going away, users will still be able to leverage Google for payments in stores via:

  • Contactless Tap to Pay: Using an Android phone or Wear OS device to tap and pay at contactless terminals will still work just as before.
  • Paying with Google: Online merchants that accept Google Pay will still allow users to check out with their phone/Google account.
  • Google Wallet App: The Wallet app offers contactless payments along with storage of cards, passes, and more.

How to Prepare for the Transition

To ensure continued access to payment features, users should take the following steps before June 4th:

  • Download the Google Wallet app and transfer cards/passes over from Google Pay.
  • Review payment methods saved in Google Account and ensure they are visible in Google Wallet.
  • Transfer Google Pay balance to a bank account.
  • Find a new peer-to-peer payments platform and move contacts there.
  • Check deal/discount options in Google Search.

While saying goodbye to the Google Pay app, the core payment capabilities live on through Google Wallet. This consolidation aims to reduce confusion and enhance the payment experience overall. Make sure to transition key data to Wallet before June to avoid disruptions.

FAQs about the Google Pay Shutdown

When will Google Pay stop working?

Google Pay will be discontinued on June 4th, 2024 in the United States. The app will be removed from app stores and will no longer function on devices after this date.

Can I still use Google Pay in stores?

Yes, contactless tap to pay will continue working through services like Google Wallet or directly in supported smartphones.

What about peer-to-peer payments?

The ability to send money to friends and contacts will go away. Platforms like Venmo or CashApp will need to be used for P2P transfers.

How do I transfer my balance?

Balances can be transferred to a linked bank account through the Google Pay website until June 4th. After that, the feature will no longer be available.

What happens to my loyalty/rewards cards?

These can be transferred over to Google Wallet to retain access. Review stored cards and passes in Google Pay before the shutdown date.

While the Google Pay app is going away, key capabilities are continuing under the Google Wallet platform. Take steps to migrate data to Wallet and find P2P alternatives to avoid disruptions when Google Pay shuts down this June.

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