How To Fix An Xbox One That Keeps Freezing Or Crashing

There are some Xbox One users that may find their console freezing from time to time. In some cases, the problem may occur more frequently or even consistently. Whether you have the issue on your own Xbox occurring randomly or all the time, this troubleshooting guide should help. We list all the possible reasons for this problem as well as the list of possible solutions that you can try.

Causes why an Xbox One keeps freezing or lagging

If your Xbox One keeps freezing and you have no idea why, the first thing that you should do is to identify what’s causing the problem. There are a number of factors that you must check. We listed them below.

Random system bug.

An Xbox One console may encounter minor issues from time to time. Such bugs may come and go and can sometimes be fixed by simply refreshing the system. If you’ve been using your Xbox One for a stretch of time now, make sure that you let it refresh itself by doing a restart.

Game bug or issue.

Some games may crash the Xbox One console due to inefficient programming. This can sometimes happen after a new game update. If your Xbox seems to freeze only when playing a certain game, you may have a game issue at hand.

Software glitch.

Aside from minor bug issues, an Xbox One console may also encounter deeper software problems that a reboot can’t fix. In most cases, game-related updates may be a trigger but there are also cases when it’s the Xbox’s firmware that causes the system to crash or freeze. 

Software issues are usually fixed by installing system updates. If your Xbox One has not been connected to the internet for some time, make sure to update it by going online again.


Some Xbox One freezing problems can be a direct result of overheating. This problem is usually manifested by random restart issue. If your Xbox One keeps restarting on its own, try to check if overheating is the culprit.

Make sure that your Xbox console and Power Supply Unit have good ventilation to minimize overheating. By design, the system will reboot if its internal temperature has reached a certain point in order to prevent internal damage. Let your console cool off for an hour by turning it off and unplugging it from the power outlet. 

If overheating continues to occur, there may be a hardware malfunction that causes it.

Hardware problem.

In some cases, bad hardware can be the direct reason for crashes or Xbox One freezes. The hardware may stop working properly if the console has been exposed to heat, water, moisture, or physical abuse.

Troubleshooting an Xbox One that keeps freezing

If you’re dealing with constant Xbox One freezing issue, you’ll have to do a number of steps in order to fix it. Learn what you can do below.

  1. Restart the game that has become unresponsive.

    If your Xbox One seems to be freezing only when playing a certain game, you can force quit that game to see if the issue is temporary. Here’s how:
    -Press the Home button on the controller to return to the dashboard.
    -While the cursor still on the game icon, press the Menu button on the controller (the button with 3 horizontal lines).
    -Select Quit.restart Xbox One game

  2. Power cycle the Xbox One.

    As mentioned above, restarting a freezing Xbox One is usually enough to fix the problem. There are two ways to reset an Xbox One console without resorting to a more drastic factory reset — soft reset and hard reset. Try doing any of the two and see if that will help you fix the problem.
    Press and hold the Power button on the console for about 5 seconds. Make sure that the Xbox console is powered down for about 30 seconds, then press and hold the Home button on the controller to power on the console. It may take several seconds longer for the console to boot back up but it may fix the problem.Xbox One S on top of table 1

  3. Reinstall the problematic game.

    If restarting a game did not fix the issue, you may have to reinstall it. Only do this if the rest of your games work just fine. To reinstall your game:
    -Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
    -Select My games & apps
    -Select See all.
    -Select Games.
    -Highlight the game you want to uninstall.
    -Press the Menu button and then select Uninstall.
    -Install the game again and see if it fixes the freezing problem.uninstall xbox One game

  4. Reboot the resolution of your Xbox One.

    In some cases, a freezing Xbox One is due to a resolution bug. Try changing the resolution manually and see if it helps. Follow these steps to do that:
    -If you have a disc in the optical tray, remove it.
    -Press and hold the Power button on the console for five seconds. 
    -After the console light is no longer flashing, press and hold the Power button and the Disc Eject button at the same time.Xbox One S Power button 3

  5. Install updates.

    Some software problems are due to coding errors. This can either be on the part of a certain game or the software itself. Make sure that you install any game or system update if they become available.Xbox One on shelf

  6. Check for slow connection issues.

    Having slow internet connection may potentially cause problems, especially if you’re trying to play online. Check for possible slow connection problem and see if that’s the reason why your Xbox One keeps freezing.Test network connection 3

  7. Clear locally saved game.

    If your Xbox One still keeps freezing at this point, try to delete its locally saved games. Some users were able to fix this issue with this troubleshooting step. 
    To delete a local saved game:
    -Remove the disc from your console.
    -Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
    -Go to System.
    -Select Settings.
    -Go to System.
    -Select Storage.
    -Select Clear local saved games.
    -Select Yes to confirm
    -Once your console restarts, try installing the game again.clear local saved game 1

  8. Restore your Xbox One software to defaults (factory reset).

    You must consider doing a factory reset if your Xbox One still crashes. This is the most effective way to know if the problem is being caused by a software glitch. 
    Don’t forget, a factory reset will erase all your game data, profiles, and other stuff. Make sure to back your game progress and other data to your Xbox Live cloud before doing it.Reset console 1

Get the Xbox One repaired.

If a factory reset will not fix the console, there may be a hardware problem with your Xbox One. Contact Microsoft to set up an appointment for repair.

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