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Best FaceTime for Android substitutes

While Apple users boasts of their FaceTime app, Android users are often burdened with having to pick the best facetime app for android from Google Play Store as an equivalent. Many Android converts who used FaceTime before ask if there is FaceTime for Android so we have decided to simply publish the best ones here.

Android phones have a pre-installed stock video calling app like Google Hangouts but given a lot of similar or better ones to choose from, it sometimes boils down to mere preference.

With the emergence of the ever-increasing powerful smartphones and faster internet services year after year, regular or even HD video calling have become an almost routine for many. The Android community, especially the developers, don’t fail to rise to the challenge as we’ve seen a lot of video messaging apps sprouting from all over for the past few years.

If you are looking for something that resembles Apple’s FaceTime app in your Android device, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 8 of the best #facetimeforandroid alternatives that you can install in your Android phone or tablet right now.

Best FaceTime for Android substitutes

best facetime app for android

1) Facebook Messenger

With its over 1.44 billion users around the world and rising, Facebook is undeniably on top of its niche in social networking. Aside from offering convenient ways to connect each other’s lives digitally, Facebook had also provided a free service that allows users to hear each other using its Messenger app. This means that Facebook users, regardless of their device’s platform (Android or iOS), can talk to each other without facing any platform-specific restrictions.

While Apple’s Facetime offers video calling, Facebook Messenger is limited to free calling only at this time. Free calling works best in Wi-Fi but if you have a stable and reliable data connection, there should hardly be any difference in audio output. The free calling feature is useful addition to those wanting to save some bucks abroad by paying extra roaming charges to call home as you can call anyone as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Facebook Messenger app also offers other benefits like ease of sharing photos and videos, hassle-free creation of group chats, more enjoyable and novel stickers or emojis, and even quick payments!

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

2) Skype

Long before smartphones, Facetime, and its eventual inclusion into Microsoft’s product portfolios have become mainstream, Skype was the most popular video messaging app. It’s evolution as a smartphone app continues the legacy allowing it to maintain a huge loyal user base over the years. The latest Android app version now looks very identical to its Mac and Windows counterparts with the revamped user interface chat bubbles and exciting new emojis.

In terms of video calling, Skype is obviously on top and cuts across platforms. Regardless of device, as long as Skype app is running, you can easily call or video chat friends and family members over an internet connection. Just like other rivals above, group video chat is also being offered for free.

Chat offers both paid and unpaid services although one can generally manage with the free offers. If you wish to use a static phone number so others can call you back on your phone, you can do so by using Skype Credit. The best FaceTime for Android substitutes can also dial non-Skype numbers although this is not a free function.

Be sure to consult Skype’s list of calling rates per country to prevent unnecessary charges.

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

3) Viber

Boasting over 280 million registered users, Viber is definitely one of the best video messaging apps out there. The current Viber client supports multiple platforms that include iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, Symbian, Bada, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Windows Phone. Such wide-ranging exposure to multiple platforms gives this app an edge over the competition. With Viber, you can call your friend on his computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere provided they have the app too.

Of course, it also offers free long-distance voice and video calls so it’s an easy pick if you’re looking for a way to avoid phone charges. Video calls can be made in 3G or better network modes. We recommend that you use a more reliable Wi-Fi connection to ensure excellent video calls though.

Because the best FaceTime for Android substitutes uses your phone number during the registration, your friend should easily recognize you. Calling landline numbers is made possible by a feature called Viber Out.

For your regular chat messaging needs, Viber allows you to send messages just like any other messaging app. Creating a group chat of up 100 people is allowed.

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

4) Google Hangouts

If most of your friends have Android phones, consider using the stock Google Hangouts app. Not only is it free, but it gives you a lot more things to do than your traditional chat messaging app.

Hangouts is Google’s answer to Apple’s iMessage and Facetime and Microsoft’s Skype. Google’s obvious aim when coming up with this app is to consolidate a user’s communications needs. It offers easy access to your SMS, MMS, voice, and video calling needs as long as you are connected to the web. You can easily toggle between text and video, and your device’s two cameras. The only things that you need are the Hangouts app and a Google account.

Like Facebook Messenger, you can also connect to others or multiple contacts at once by creating a group chat. Each group chat can accommodate up to 100 people.

Because it’s linked to other Google services like YouTube or Google+, this app is also a good way to broadcast your thoughts  quite easily. Now, before you decide to use Hangouts, you must know that this free service is a closed system. You cannot use it to call a friend using an Apple, Blackberry, or Windows phone. Make sure that the person you are about to contact has this app enabled and connected to the internet for Google Voice calls to go through.

You can also create a free video group chat for up 10 people. Users in a Hangouts call can respond to you using other platforms like another Android device or computers, making it a handy tool for group meetings. While the actual group video call is limited to 10 people, you can send messages in your group for up to 150 heads.

Hangouts replaced the Google Talk app a few years back so it must come pre-installed in your Android phone.

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

5) Line

While a huge part of its users are in Asia (as the app developer is Japanese), more and more people in Europe and the US find Line a wonderful FaceTime for Android substitute. Line provides free regular and video calls for its over 300 million user base on top of its reliable services to send free text and voice messages. Users are also allowed to share short movies, photos, videos, emojis, among other things.

It also features a Facebook-like flowing notification of Line activities  called Timeline where you can post and see your friend’s activity.

If you are more into group messaging or group video calling, best FaceTime for Android substitutes also offer them for free.

Although over half of its current user base are located in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan only, Line Corporation (developer) is expanding to emerging markets and has even attempted to lure North American users by launching an emoji keyboard app last June.

Also, a Line Lite version was rolled out for the first 11 countries last July to reach out to more users. This Line app version is only roughly 1MB in size making it one of the lightest messaging app in Android.

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

6) Snapchat

This app became an instant hit among younger users because of its novel idea of allowing “snaps” to be sent and received between contacts. The core idea behind snaps is that users can set the duration of how long a recipient can view snaps (as of March 2015 the maximum duration is at 10 seconds). Once the timer has expired, snaps will be deleted from the recipient’s phone but will be stored in Snapchat’s servers as long as the sender wants.

While the original idea was to allow fleeting moments to be shared between parties, Snapchat team has since then added more features to their popular app including live video calling. If you want to video chat with a friend, simply swipe his or her name in your Snapchat inbox to start. You will know if a friend is available for a video chat because the yellow icon will transform into blue. After the conversation, messages in the chat screen will be automatically deleted.

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

7) Oovo

Like Tango, this app is also available for both iOS and Android users, making it another good choice to pick if you’re looking for Facetime for Android alternative. Oovo requires registration so you must sign up first. You can do so by either using your existing social media profile (Facebook or Google account), or your personal email. After the registration, the app will automatically load your contacts for you. If you want some friends to know about Oovo or invite them to install it on their device, you can do so easily.

If you have tried using other video messaging apps like Hangouts before, Oovo will feel familiar. Calling your Facebook or Google friends are free

Video and call quality of the best FaceTime for Android substitutes largely depends on your internet connection although those with reliable fast speeds say Oovo works brilliantly.

Oovo also allows you to call friends directly on their phone number although this feature is not free. Price ranges vary by location so make sure to check some specific information about this feature first before you proceed.

Download it now: here

best facetime app for android

8) Tango

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, yet high-quality video messaging app for Android, Tango is your way to go. It supports both iOS and Android devices so you may want to pick this up if you’re planning on connecting with friends across these two platforms.

Tango’s user interface and setup is so simple that even first time users will find it quite easy to navigate and use. The app can auto search your contacts to give you list of your friends in a few seconds. As long as your friends uses Tango in their device, you’re all set to make a call. How easy is that?

Download it now: here

That’s basically all of it! If you have other suggestions for the best FaceTime for Android substitutes, please use the link below to give us feedback.

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  1. what triggered me was the sentence “You cannot use it to call a friend using an Apple, Blackberry, or Windows phone” which is not precise.
    And yeah, all the other apps you need the app X to X things…

  2. Yeah the writer made it sound like you couldn’t connect with an Apple or Windows user etc..shoulda said regardless of the device,all parties must have the Hangouts app to do strictly “hangout” things; like video calling or IM.
    I SMS and call people every day w the Hangouts app ,using my GVoice number and Hangouts SMS thru my Tmobile number. Doesn’t matter if it’s my granny on an ancient flip phone or if im calling a 1800nakedHo’s hotline..neither use the Hangouts app.

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