7 Best Speedometer App For Android in 2024

The versatility of the Android platform allows customers to get access to any kind of apps out there. We’re going to talk about a handful of speedometer apps today, in order to help you pick the best one suited for your liking. Some of you might be wondering about the feasibility of a speedometer app, which is understandable.

Why would someone need a speedometer app on their phone? Well, these apps can help you get a better understanding of your speed, just in case you’re in a vehicle that’s not being driven by you. It can also be used during your jogs and runs, helping you ascertain the current speed you’re at, pushing you to do better every time. It’s mostly used for the latter purpose, although there are a variety of use cases for GPS speedometer app.

Now to the question of which one to get. Well, there are quite a handful of apps out there that serve a similar purpose. But with something like a speedometer app, accuracy is of utmost importance, which makes it imperative that you have the right app on your smartphone or tablet. So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best speedometer apps available for Android today.

Best Speedometer Apps For Android

Best Speedometer Apps

1. GPS Speedometer and Odometer

This particular app can be used mostly for vehicles like cars and bikes, although it should perfectly fine for your runs as well. The app is pretty basic, and the developer mentions that it uses the phone compass to accurately provide the speed you’re moving in.

The app also works on offline mode, which is amazing if you’re traveling in a region where there’s no internet connectivity. With an accuracy of 98%, the developers promise to offer amazing precision with this particular app. However, they also warn that offline precision might be slightly slower, so make sure you’re connected to the internet if you want to use this particular app. In terms of usage, you can choose to simply display the speed on your screen without any of the clutter.

The app can also track average speed, trip duration, max speed as well as the distance.

Download Here: Google Play

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2. Ulysse Speedometer

The Ulysse Speedometer app comes with a HUD, which is a prerequisite for any speedometer app, in my opinion. It also has a polished user interface, making for an easy and clutter-free experience. The developers are always ready to update the app with changes that the users want, suggesting that the folks behind the app are always willing to learn.

This is a healthy sign for any app, although you might not see updates that frequently since this is a speedometer app. Further, the UI colors can be customized, which is a very good addition keeping customization in mind.

The feature list is massive here, so the users certainly won’t find this to be lacking in any areas. Keeping this in mind, we strongly suggest every user to try out this app right away. The app is free to download, but you will have to deal with ads throughout your experience.

Download Here: Google Play

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3. DigiHUD Speedometer

As the name suggests, this is a DigiHUD Speedometer app that also comes with its own speedometer. This is ideal if you have a phone dock or cradle in your car as it can provide real time speed updates of your vehicle. The app also comes with a clock, compass, and odometer. Naturally, it can also give you details on the distance you’ve covered, your average speed, maximum speed or speed limit, and a handful of other metrics.

You can get a standard HUD view here, or a speed unit, giving you the ability to shift between the two as you please. The free app is decent enough, but the paid version comes with a bunch of additional features that are worth trying out.

Download Here: Google Play

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4. Speedometer GPS

This app is not too different from the apps we see out there, and it comes with most of the same features on board. This doesn’t come from a big developing house, so you might find that the app doesn’t look as polished as the others on this list.

But that shouldn’t be much of a problem given that you would mostly use this app for navigation and tracking your speed. There’s the ability to switch between a standard speedometer and an odometer here, which makes this a pretty versatile app overall. You will be able to track speeds in mph, km/h, and knots, which is fairly decent.

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5. SpeedView: Legacy Edition

Yet another app that does exactly what it says, with the addition of a few nifty features to make it stand out from the crowd. SpeedView has a handy safety features on board, which will warn the user when they’re going too fast. The app has a HUD mode, giving you all the quick stats and information at a glance. There’s a graph view for all the stats pertaining to your drive, run etc, giving you an in-depth look of the distance covered.

The app comes for free, but with ads on board. You can get the paid version to get rid of the ads, which will also unlock a couple of handy features.

Download Here: Google Play

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6. Digital Speedometer

Digital Speedometer is another excellent option. You can take it offline, so you don’t actually need cellular access. You can actually put a limit on the maximum and minimum speed.

You can choose to use it in Full Screen mode, or you can use it on a map and get your speed as you watch your GPS location cruise down the road. There’s also an Average feature on the Digital Speedometer, which is used for picking up and displaying the average speed of your vehicle.

Download Here: Google Play

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7. GPS LED Speedometer

The GPS LED Speedometer does the same as the last, but it has a fairly unique way that it displays the information. It’s basically a colorful LED screen that shows you your speed in a digital format. It’s not like the crisp and clear racing-style format that many of these other choices have.

You can stay pretty safe while driving as well, as you can set up a Speed Alert. So, when you approach that speed, the app notifies you to hopefully keep you from getting a speeding ticket.

Download Here: Google Play

Best Speedometer App for Android Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of great speedometer apps that you can use. It’s really handy to have at least one of these on your smartphone, because you never know when they can come in handy. We really like them for recreational vehicles, but if you find an older vehicle with a broken speedometer, they can work as a great replacement until that can get fixed. It at least puts you in the ballpark of the same speed.

Do you have a favorite speedometer app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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