5 Best Craigslist App For Android in 2024

A Craiglist application can be essential to have. It’s typically a little challenging to navigate through on the traditional Craigslist website; however, a third-party Craigslist app hooks into the website but allows you to do browse through the different categories and listings through a touch-friendly interface.

Not sure what the best Craigslist app is for Android? Follow along below, and we’ll show you a handful of our favorites.

Best Craigslist App For Android

best craigslist app

1) Facebook

Facebook is far from Craigslist, but it is worth a mention with its reasonably new Marketplace feature. Facebook Marketplace has almost replaced Craigslist as an online marketplace. Since everyone already has a Facebook account, Marketplace is the natural go-to for buying and selling used items.

Facebook Marketplace comes with tons of different advantages. For one, your products get way more visibility on Facebook Marketplace, since there are so many more people on the platform than there are on Craigslist.

We think that Facebook Marketplace is a little safer to use as well. They have seller ratings, which is usually a good indication of whether or not you could get ripped off on the sale, and you can often browse Facebook profiles to get a feel for how well the deal will go.

Download it now: Google Play

best craigslist app

2) CPlus

You cannot go wrong with the CPlus app for Android. This one allows you to search pretty much all of Craigslist from the comfort of an easy to use application. There are a lot of neat features, such as the ability to search multiple cities within the app. This means that you can find what you’re looking for in all of the locales around you — no having to do separate searches from region to region.

CPlus takes things up a notch by helping you post and creates your own Craigslist ads right from CPlus as well. And as a bonus, CPlus is probably one of the best-looking ways to search all of Craigslist as well. It’s so much more beautiful design than the Craigslist website, which makes it cleaner to look at, and easier to use overall.

Download it now: Google Play

best craigslist app

3) Postings

Next up, we’re looking at a Craigslist app called Postings. As far as an app for Craigslist goes, this is probably the best app out there in terms of design. It’s just so easy to navigate because of the clean design here. Postings are using Google’s Material Design guidelines, which makes Postings very beautiful to look at, and again, extremely easy to navigate.

You can use Postings to search all of Craigslist, all straight from the app. You won’t be able to create a search for the Personals section, as that section is a violation of the Google Play Store policy.

Download it now: Google Play

best craigslist app

4) LetGo

LetGo doesn’t tie into Craigslist at all, but it is a separate marketplace that you can use to buy and sell items. LetGo has a massive viewership, so it’s reasonably easy to buy and sell items on the platform. On top of that, LetGo makes it extremely easy to share your listings to social media, even to people that don’t have LetGo on their phone.

The app boasts of having over two hundred million listings available. It’s not an online marketplace like eBay is, but it takes on more of a local style, just like Craigslist.

One of the advantages that LetGo has over Craigslist is that they make it quick and easy to post a listing. On top of that, the UI is much cleaner overall and is easier to navigate through.

Download it now: Google Play

best craigslist app

5) OfferUp

OfferUp, in the same vein as LetGo, is not tied into Craigslist whatsoever. OfferUp is its online marketplace and has a massive viewership that makes it easy to sell items in your locale. It’s straightforward to share your listings with friends and other people on social media as well, making it so that OfferUp is much more visible to people than just the OfferUp users.

This app makes it easy to buy and sell almost anything. It uses your location as well, showing you what’s selling nearby, right in your neighborhood. Communication between buyers and sellers happens through the app via secure messaging, so you don’t have to worry about handing out your phone number or messaging on Facebook.

It’s so much better than a garage sale, enabling you to find discounts and deals on items in your area quickly.

Download it now: Google Play

Verdict on the Best Craigslist App

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent apps that you can use to browse around Craigslist. Craigslist is typically tricky to browse around on the Web, but it’s easy to navigate should you download one of the better apps for it.

You may want to take Craigslist for a run, and we encourage you to do so. Many of the third-party apps make it a much better experience; however, we can’t

Do you have the best craigslist app for Android? Let us know in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

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