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One of the most common issues that many Among Us players complain about right now is about the game having high ping. For others, connecting to the servers can be a pain or too slow. If you are having any of these issues, this troubleshooting article might help.

What are the reasons for Among Us high ping or server issues?

Ping issue has always been a problem in online gaming and that’s because there are a wide range of factors that can cause it.

Server is down.

For Among Us, high ping may be the result of server over capacity, which is understandable at this time since the game has recently became very popular. Too many players trying to play at the same time put pressure on the servers, thereby resulting to downtimes.

Local network issue.

Aside from server problems, there are other factors that we can point our fingers to. For one, your own local network. 

Even if the game servers are running fine, Among us may still perform poorly or won’t even connect to the servers at all if there’s a problem with your own internet connection at home.

You would want to troubleshoot for possible internet connection issue on your end if there’s no known server issues right now.

PC issues.

Of course, the condition of your PC may also be to blame. Even though Among Us is not that demanding even to an old Windows computer, it may suffer from latency or high ping issue if there are other programs that hog your bandwidth. 

Make sure that you run a speed test on your computer to determine your internet connection speed. Among Us does not need a blazing fast internet connection but you have to make sure that your internet is stable and does not disconnect constantly.

How to fix Among Us  high ping or server disconnection

We’ve collected a number of possible solutions that you can try if you are experiencing latency or high ping when playing Among Us. Check each of them below.

  1. Keep everything updated.

    Before you proceed, you want to make sure that update the game. What you have to do is to simply confirm the update if Steam prompts you for any update for the game. 
    Once you’ve taken care of game updates, take the time to also update the rest of your programs, especially the Windows Operating System.Among Us Steam

  2. Check the game server status.

    If you are on Twitter, you’ll want to check whether or not there’s a server issue that the developer knows about by checking the official InnerSloth account. If you want, you can follow this account so you can get post updates about any server-related issues with this game.
    You can also join the dedicated subreddit for Among Us to see if other players are experiencing server problems like you do. If the issue is new, you may even want to create a new thread about the issue to help others as well.InnerSloth Twitter

  3. Reboot your PC.

    Sometimes, weird connection problems may go away by simply rebooting a PC. If you haven’t tried this one yet, be sure to do so after you’ve determined that there’s an on-going server problems.
    Just turn the PC off normally, unplug the power cord from the power outlet for 30 seconds, then fire the computer back up.

  4. Power cycle the router.

    If restarting your PC won’t help, your next troubleshooting step is to power cycle the router. Just like the computer, you want to turn the router off normally, unplug it from the power source, and wait for half a minute before turning it back on.5 Best Routers for Wireless Internet and Streaming

  5. Use a different server.

    Servers may sometimes get overwhelmed by sheer number of people trying to play at the time. Such a situation may happen at certain hours of a day. To fix the problem, you may have to just pick a different server. 
    There are three servers of Among Us: North America, Asia, and Europe. Choose one and see if your game improves. If not, choose a different server until you can play normally.AMong us servers

  6. Connect via LAN cable.

    If you are using wifi when trying to play this game, it’s possible that there may be a signal interference issue at hand. Try connecting your laptop or PC directly to the router via ethernet cable and see if that will fix the problem.router

Other workarounds to fix Among Us  high ping or server disconnection issues

If none of the solutions above has fixed your problem, consider doing these other possible workarounds:

Change or reset DNS.

Depending on your DNS preference, you may want to change your computer’s DNS to fix this issue. It’s possible that the current DNS you’re using may be having an issue with the game servers. We recommend that you try using Google’s DNS first. You can also try other third party DNS of your choice.

Reset the router.

For some, online gaming latency or high ping may be coming from their own router. To check if that’s the case, you can try to reset your router so everything will be returned to factory settings. If necessary, try calling your Internet Service Provider or the router manufacturer for help on how to do this.

Get help from your ISP.

If you have other games that lag or has high latency issues, it may be caused by an issue with your ISP. make sure that you work with your Internet provider so they can monitor your issue and do checks on their end.

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