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Are you experiencing crashing issues on Crusader Kings 3? You’re not alone. We’ve been getting reports from other gamers about this game closing on its own, freezing, or becoming unresponsive at random. 

If you are wondering if crashing issues on this game can be fixed, follow these steps on what you need to do.

What are the reasons why Crusader Kings 3 is crashing or not opening?

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing crashing issues on Crusader Kings 3. Let’s check each of these items below.

Random game bug.

No game is perfect and from time to time, bugs may develop even for well-built ones. Newly released games tend to have more bugs than mature ones. If you encounter crashing issues on Crusader Kings 3, it may be due to a random glitch.

Random bugs can surface because of a wide range of issues so there’s no telling what the exact cause of the problem is.

Outdated game.

Updates not only bring new features and cosmetics but also fixes for known bugs and issues. By default, Crusader Kings 3 will update itself automatically as long as your PC is connected to the internet and there’s nothing that blocks the game client from updating. So, all you have to do is to simply confirm the update to do it.

Corrupted game files.

In some cases, Crusader Kings 3 may crash or fail to open due to corrupted game files. This is a common reason for many games to crash. 

Game files may become corrupted due to a number of reasons. Sometimes, system files may be affected by malware, system-wide changes, or third party applications.

Third party interference.

Other programs may interfere with other applications or games. If Crusader Kings 3 started crashing after you’ve installed a program, this new application may be the reason for your problem.

Driver issues.

Old or outdated graphics card drivers may cause problems with games. You want to make sure that your GPU drivers are up-to-date if you want to lessen the chances of problems from developing.

Hardware problems.

If you are running an older PC, it’s possible that it may not be able to fully run the game in your current configuration. In other words, the problem may stem from the fact that your computer’s hardware does not meet the minimum system requirements.

How to fix Crusader Kings 3 crashing issue?

We’ve come up with known solutions for crashing issues on Crusader Kings 3 below. See which one will help you fix your own problem.

  1. Update Crusader Kings 3.

    Before you perform any troubleshooting step, you must ensure that the game runs the latest version by updating it. Once you’ve done that, follow the rest of the guide to see which solution can effectively fix your problem.

  2. Install the latest GPU drivers.

    Keeping the drivers of your computer, especially if you’re into gaming, is very important to rid of bugs as well as to prevent new ones from developing. Check out the appropriate link below to know how to update your GPU:How To Check For And Install GPU Driver Updates | NVIDIAHow To Check For AMD GPU Driver UpdatesHow To Check For Intel GPU Drivers | NEW & UPDATED 2020!Download NVIDIA drivers

  3. Restart Crusader Kings 3.

    If the game is still crashing after updating it and your graphics card drivers, the next good thing that you can do is to force close it and fire it back up. If necessary, use the Task Manager to force close Crusader Kings 3.Task Manager Crusader Kings 3

  4. Close background apps.

    Crusader Kings 3 is not exactly a game that we label as demanding or graphics-heavy but it can still potentially overwhelm older systems. If you are running Crusader Kings 3 on a PC that’s over 5 years old, you may need to close other applications when playing to free up more resources. You can close all programs that you don’t need using Task Manager.

  5. Uninstall programs.

    Some programs may affect games or other applications and cause them to misbehave. If you suspect that a program that you recently installed is causing the problem, consider deleting it from the system and observe how the game works.

  6. Verify Crusader Kings 3 game files.

    If you got Crusader Kings 3 from Steam, you can check if the cause of the crashing issue is due to corrupted game files. To do that, you’ll need to go into Steam and select the Verify Integrity Of Game Files.Fall Guys verify game files

  7. Repair game files (if using Xbox Game Pass app).

    If you are playing Crusader Kings 3 through the Xbox Game Pass application, follow these steps on how to repair the game files:-Press the Windows button at the lower left corner.-Search for the Xbox app.–Right click on the Xbox app, and-Select App settings.-Click on Repair button.Repair Xbox app

  8. Reinstall Crusader Kings 3.

    If none of the solutions mentioned in this guide has helped so far, you have no other choice but to try and delete and reinstall Crusader Kings 3. This is usually effective in fixing deeper game file issues.

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