How To Fix NBA 2K21 726E613D MyCareer Error | UPDATED!

Are you having difficulty loading NBA 2K21 MyCareer and getting 726E613D error? If you do, you’ve probably triggered a system limitation for this mode that sets a certain number of MyCareer characters to just 5.

If you’re wondering how to go about this problem, check out this article.

What is How To Fix NBA 2K21 726E613D error?

The 726E613D error is a temporary restriction in the game that prevents players from accessing NBA 2K21 MyCareer Mode. This is usually triggered when the 2K Sports system detects that an account has created a certain number of MyCareer characters in a short amount of time.

What are the reasons for NBA 2K21 726E613D error?

If you are unable to load MyCareer Mode and 726E613D error keeps showing up, you may have triggered NBA 2K21’s MyCareer limiter which blocks users from creating more more than 5 characters within a period of 24 hours. 

This limitation is not a game glitch and in fact put in place by the developer in order to prevent players from farming too many VCs (virtual currency). Once 726E613D error is triggered, MyCareer Mode will not be playable. It’s a way to also force players to spend real-world money to buy VC in the game.


How to fix the NBA 2K21 726E613D error?

Since MyCareer mode will be temporarily blocked by 726E613D error, there are three unpleasant solutions that you can do.

  1. Wait until the block is lifted.

    This is the simpler solution that you can do. 2K Sports system will prevent you from playing MyCareer for about 24 hours so you’ll need to wait for that long to access the mode again.

  2. Remove email from your 2K account.

    This has been shared by some players to us and we can’t confirm if it works 100% but this is how it works:
    -Open NBA 2K21 game.
    -Go to Features.
    -Go to Settings.
    -Scroll down to where your email is and remove it.
    -Leave the email field blank, then save the changes.
    -Close NBA 2K21 game.
    -Load the game again and check if MyCareer is now working.

  3. Reinstall the game.

    If you don’t want to wait and has fast enough internet connection, you can delete the game from your system and reinstall it. This option takes less amount of time obviously but you want to do so only if your internet connection is fast and you have no data cap limit.
    Reinstalling the game won’t guarantee that you can get back to MyCareer afterwards but it’s a better choice for you if you’re dying to playing again.

Can you play other modes with 726E613D error?

This error only affects MyCareer mode so other parts of the game like MyGM or MyTeam should still be accessible. You should also still be able to go online and do some regular stuff.

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