Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3

If you have been having trouble signing in to your email account or you keep on getting a “Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed” error in your Samsung Galaxy S3, here are the possible causes of the problem as well as the solutions to help you go about it.

The Possible Causes of the “Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed” Error in Galaxy S3

There are a couple of things that are possibly causing the problem. The most obvious reason is that you have a wrong password registered in your Galaxy S3. Another source of the issue is related to the configuration of the email settings of your phone. Then, this is that this is a common error experienced by the stock email app of the device. Next, there might be a glitch in the system of your phone.

The Possible Solutions to the “Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed” Error in Galaxy S3

Here are ways to solve the “Yahoo! Mail log in failed” problem of the Galaxy S3:

1. Check Password

Check the password that you have set in your phone if it is similar with the one registered with your Yahoo! Mail account. You can also delete the log-in data in your phone and re-create it again.

2. Fix Configurations

According to Yahoo! and Vodafone, set up the following configuration under the email app of your Galaxy S3:

  • Incoming Server –
  • Outgoing Server –
  • Incoming Port – 993 (requires SSL)
  • Outgoing Port – 465 (requires SSL)
  • Username: (Enter your full email address here for example [email protected])
  • Password: (the one you registered with Yahoo!)

3. Download and Install Yahoo! Mail App

If you are using the stock email app of your phone there is a chance that the error will show up based on an AndroidCentral forum. So, one way to go around the issue is by downloading the official Yahoo! Mail app from Google Play store.

4. Solutions to Fix Glitches

If this is simply caused by a glitch, a quick solution would be to restart your phone or clear the cache data of your app. Try to enter Safe Mode as well and access your Yahoo! Mail from there. If you are successful using Safe Mode, that means there might be another app causing the error. Locate the suspicious app or the most recent app that you installed prior to the problem and disable it. But if the problem persists, perform a Factory Reset as a last resort.

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  1. when trying to sigh in on yahoo on my mobile samsung s3 say ssl error 3 but is ok on my pc i did change password now say this on my phone pc is ok i can log in but not on my mobile thanks y?

  2. I had found today and noticed on incoming port “ Make sure deleted the “androids” and It is work incoming port had correct –

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