What to do if Google Pixel 2 XL is stuck on boot loop (keeps restarting)

Hello and welcome to another #GooglePixel2 troubleshooting guide. Today’s post will answer three common issues on these device. Read on and leave us a comment below if you find our suggestions helpful.

Problem #1: What to do if Google Pixel 2 XL is stuck on boot loop (keeps restarting)

My Google Pixel 2 XL keeps restarting over and over I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting methods that you guys have provided and none of them seem to work. It still seems to restart in safe mode. I have completed a factory reset of the phone and I still have the same issues. Could this be a battery issue? I don’t want to replace the battery for $100 only to find out this was not the issue. I had the Nexus 5x and it had a bootloop issue, has the pixel XL had bootbloop issues?

Solution: Boot loop can occur for different reasons. In some cases, it can be a result of unofficial modification to the phone’s software while at other times, it can be due to a bad app, isolated software bugs, or hardware malfunction. We don’t have the full history of your device so we can’t really give you an accurate answer. What we can say for sure though is that a smartphone like your Pixel won’t succumb to boot loop on its own. So, our question for you is: did you do anything different that might have caused the issue? Did you install something (app, app update, or system update)? Did you try to use custom firmware or root the device? Was the phone physically damaged after you dropped it? Was it exposed to water or heat? These are just some of the few questions that only can answer yourself. Once you determined when or how the issue may have started, then you can proceed to troubleshooting it.

And speaking of troubleshooting, all you can do is limited to basic software solutions. Unless you are a trained smartphone technician, you really have no business fixing a hardware trouble. Boot loop issue can be caused by either a software or hardware problem so it’s important to know what type of issue you have. If your Pixel 2 XL started to boot loop after you tried to mess with its official software, then your troubleshooting should focus more on finding ways to correct the software. If your phone started to boot loop right after dropping it, don’t waste your time looking for software solutions. Instead, just let someone check the hardware so you’ll know whether it can be fixed economically. Otherwise, getting a new phone might be a practical choice.

What we do here is to help users with software issues. If your Pixel 2 XL was never physically damaged, then there’s a chance the problem may be fixed on your level. Since you’ve already tried some of our suggestions before, consider restoring the software to its stock version. The procedure is called flashing and might very well be the only option left for me. Flashing is basically a modification of your phone’s software so you want to ensure that you do it right. Not doing so might cause more problems. Do some research using Google on how to flash your device.

Problem #2: How to fix a Google Pixel 2 with notifications not working properly

1). In the systems notification main “app,” at the bottom of the list it shows “” three additional items are deleted”. I have no sound notification for text messages and a few more with no sound. I didn’t want to have to do a factory reset, if that would even work to reinstall complete notification list. ( I almost was ready to throw it in the river,but decided to contact you.. Breaking point is now I can’t cast “mirror” to devices because it can’t FIND devices message is constantly shown !!! Omgoodness thank you for letting me vent bf I see how water proof this $$ phone is.. I love my Android, just frustrated. Sincerely.

Solution: We assume that you’ve already checked all the notifications settings under Settings. If you haven’t, follow the suggestions in this post.

If notifications have already been set properly even before contacting us, that means that the problem may be caused by a software bug. Unfortunately for you, factory reset is a necessary troubleshooting in this situation. We don’t think there’s any more effective solution that we can suggest.

For reference, here are the steps on how to factory reset your Pixel 2:

  1. Create a backup of your files.
  2. If your device is on, turn it off. This is important. If you can’t turn it off, you’ll never be able to boot to Recovery Mode. If you are not able to shut the device off regularly via the Power button, wait until the phone’s battery is drained.
  3. Press and hold the Volume down button. While holding Volume down, press and hold the
  4. Power button until the phone turns on. You’ll see the word “Start” with an arrow around it.
  5. Press the Volume down button until you highlight “Recovery mode.”
  6. Press the Power button to start recovery mode. You’ll see an image of an Android robot with an exclamation mark (you may also see “No command”).
  7. Press and hold the Power button. While holding Power, press the Volume up button once. Then release the Power button.
  8. If “Wipe data/factory reset” isn’t highlighted, press the Volume down button until it is. Then press the Power button to select it.
  9. Press the Volume down button until you highlight “Yes” (or “Yes – delete all user data”). Then press the Power button to select it.
  10. After the reset is complete, press the Power button to select “Reboot system now.”

Problem #3: What to do if Google Pixel 2 won’t boot up after accidental drop

I dropped my phone, and then the photos app started to shut down every second, I decide to restart my phone but it has been loading for 5 hours. it stays in the a white background with a G  and a bar underneath. what shall I do? TOMORROW it’s my birthday and i want it to use the camera because it has a such high quality. if someone that speaks Spanish can reply back i will be so grateful. if no one is available, it’s fine i can try to understand.  thank you <3 <3 Details Bootloader: mw8998-002.006.00 baseband: g8998-00202-1802061358 Product revision: walleye MP1 Serial Number: HT7A61A04613 UFS: 64GB Samsung LPDDR4 Boot-slot: b Console: DISABLED Secure Boot: yes (PRODUCTION) Device state: locked.

Solution: Dropping your phone must have damaged the motherboard in some way, causing the device to stop working normally now. As what we mentioned above, we’re here for software issues only. If you’re in a hurry to use your phone, we suggest that you visit a shop so a technician can physically check the hardware. We hope everything turns out fine after the repair.

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