What to do if Galaxy S9 Plus takes a long time to download app updates on Play Store

One Galaxy S9 Plus owner has recently contacted us to ask help why his device is taking a long time to download app updates. If you have the same concern, this post might help. Keep in mind that we no longer include the usual set of troubleshooting steps for this issue as they were already tried by the sender ahead of time. For those wondering how to go about fixing the issue, don’t forget to also try the following:

  • clear the cache and data of Google apps such as Play Store, Google Services Framework, or main Google app
  • sign out, then sign back in to your Google account
  • cache partition wipe
  • reset network settings
  • factory reset

Problem: Galaxy S9 Plus takes 10 minutes before downloading Play Store updates

I have a brand new S9 Plus, running Android 8 , have updated till october security patch. I have an issue , when i restart my phone, and after it switches on , when i try to download apps from play store , it just keeps showing downloading , it doesnt start downloading , but does after 10 to mins . After that 1st app , everything else downloads fast . Have tried clearinh cache , data from play store,play services, download manager, play framework and wiped cache and even did a factory reset . But still the problem persists . What should i do ?? Should i replace my phone within my replacement window ?? Or will i be having this issue in the replacement phone also ?

Solution: Because app updates eventually download, we don’t think there’s any serious problem with the device at all. It’s possible that there might be an external factor causing it. For instance, it can be an internet connection issue. Make sure that you are connected to a fast wifi network when downloading updates to prevent encountering update issues.

If you only use cellular or mobile data internet, try to improve the signal first before hitting that update button. If possible, move to better location to allow the device to have full signal bars. This will ensure that mobile data internet speed is at its optimum.

That a factory reset did not change anything is a sign that there may not be a problem within the device itself. Keep in mind that there a complex process that occur before you see updates downloading in your device. There can be a problem with Google servers hosting Play Store services or your ISP may be having a technical issue on their end. If app updates download longer than expected, that doesn’t necessarily mean your Galaxy S9 Plus is a mess.

We haven’t received other reports similar to yours so in the meantime, we’ll see if other S9 Plus users will contact us for the same issue. We’ll also scan other popular Android forums for the same concern. Right now, the best thing that you can do is to observe if the problem happens again in the coming weeks. For an issue like this, there’s no direct way to check for causes. If you’ll decide on having the phone replaced, we don’t think Samsung will allow it. If they do give you a replacement phone, it won’t be a brand new device so you’ll be a getting a refurbished one without even the guarantee of a solution.

Based on our own experience though, Google Play Store bugs eventually fix themselves so all you need to do is let things play out.


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