What to do if Galaxy Note9 is unable to access a Google account

This brief article will show you on what you can do if you lost access to your Google account. We have a Note9 user below who is unable to use his Google account after his old LG V20 failed. We hope you’ll find this post helpful.

Problem: Unable to access Google account on Galaxy Note9

Hi! I have an LG V20 that, until recently, was working perfectly. After a software update, the battery began to drain very very fast. Then last Saturday out of the blue the touch screen quit working. I had no choice but to replace it so I bought the Samsung Note9. I realized I couldn’t access my Gmail account because I always used the App on my V20 and have long since forgotten my password. I am now locked out of that old email account and phone, thus I cannot retrieve nearly 6000 photos of my daughters from my Google Photos App. All because of a broken touch screen. Can you offer any advice? I’m desperate to fix that v20 if possible and/or get access to my photos. I’ve tried reaching Google by email but so far, I’m not sure that the correspondence I’ve received isn’t just automated. Any help you can offer would be so very greatly appreciated!

Solution: There are only two ways to recover photos stored in your Google Photos app. One is to access your Google account via the web and the other is by gaining access to he Google Photos app in your LG device. The second option is recommended if the photos were stored locally in the app and were not uploaded to Google cloud. We understand your LG V20 is now unusable due to a broken screen so what you want to do is to have it repaired. There’s no software solution to fix a physically broken screen. Unlike computers, storage devices of smartphones are linked to the motherboard and can’t be connected to another board to pry out its contents. There’s also no way to remotely access the contents of your phone’s storage device. Because the screen functions as a monitor and gateway to the system, you need to have a good working one installed in your LG phone to recover your files. Try to contact LG to see if they can do the repair for you. Be sure to tell them not to wipe the memory of the phone during repair.

If your pictures were uploaded to Google cloud before your LG device was broken, you should try to gain access to your Google account to get them back. Google encourages users of its services to regularly change their password for security reasons. However, they also recognize that humans tend to forget things like passwords more often than not so they have systems in place for such a situation. Try to pick the best option for you in this link to recover your Google account. As far as we know, the options in this link are the only ones a user can use for Google account recovery. If you’ve already tried them before contacting us, then we suggest that you wait for a reply from Google to see if there are other options they can give.


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