Huawei promises 2-year access to popular Play Store apps in the Philippines

As you all know, Huawei’s going through a rough patch after some turmoil caused by the US government’s blacklist; however, that turmoil isn’t limited to just the US — it’s caused a drop in consumer trust worldwide.

That’s why Huawei is now offering a two-year guarantee on its smartphones and tablets to consumers in the Philippines. The Chinese smartphone giant is promising at least two years of access to apps such as the Play Store, Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Instagram, and plenty others, or your money back.

There are over 30 partner retailers participating in the “full refund” program. So, if you lose access to these apps, you can take your phone back to one of those retailers for a full refund from Huawei.

Unfortunately, Honor devices aren’t included in this deal yet, and this applies only to consumers in the Philippines, though we wonder if Huawei will expand that to other countries as well.

source: Revu

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