How To Revoke An App’s Access To Camera On Google Pixel 7

Applications that allow you to take pictures or record videos often have access to the camera in your Pixel 7. In most cases, you will be asked to allow the app to use the camera after installation or when you first use the app. 

Even if you’ve already given permission to the app, you can actually revoke its access anytime you want. 

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So in this post, we will be showing you how to revoke an app’s permission to use your phone’s camera. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Pull down the Quick Settings panel and tap the gear icon.

    You will have to swipe down from the top of the screen twice for the quick settings panel to show and tapping the gear icon will open the Settings app. 

  2. On the next screen, scroll down a bit to find Privacy and once found, tap on it.

    This menu will show you privacy-related settings that you can change to optimize your device’s privacy and security. 

  3. Tap Permission manager.

    This will bring you to the screen where you can find a lit of core services in your phone. 

  4. Tap Camera.

    On the next screen, you will see a list of apps that already have permission to use your phone’s camera. 

  5. Find the app you want to disallow from using the camera.

    In this tutorial, let’s use Instagram as an example. 

  6. If Allow only while using the app is selected, it means that the app can’t use the camera in the background.

    This is the default setting for apps that are allowed by your phone’s core services. 

  7. Tap Ask every time to select it.

    For this option, you will be prompted if the app is about to use your phone’s camera and it’s up to you if you allow it or not. 

  8. Tap Don’t allow to select it.

    To ultimately revoke the app’s access to the camera, then this is the option you should choose. 

  • Microphone, Android 13
  • Google Pixel 7

And that’s how you revoke an app’s access to the camera. You can follow the same procedures for other apps. 

We hope this guide can help you.

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