5 Best Weather Apps For Galaxy Note 9 in 2024

Weather apps are taken for granted by many of us. Even though it serves a pretty important purpose, not a lot of us give it a closer thought. But considering the advancements made by companies in the field of weather, it behooves every smartphone user to check out the wide array of weather apps available out there. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the chances are that you’ve already seen that it comes with a weather app by default. However, there’s only one weather app that comes preinstalled, so it can be greatly beneficial if you broaden your search.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the best weather apps available for the Galaxy Note 9. While you might be familiar with a few of the apps we’re going to talk about, we’re also making sure to include some other names here just to give you a broader set of options. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at some of the best weather apps available for the smartphone.

5 Best Weather Apps For Galaxy Note 9 in 2018

Awesome Weather

This is a pretty sweet weather app that’s interactive, in that it can change the appearance of its home screen depending on the weather outside. So if it’s sunny outside, you will see that the sun will be out on the app, and likewise. This also works when you check the weather throughout the day, with the app neatly displaying the changing weather throughout the day. As for U.S. regions, Awesome Weather utilizes data from National Weather Service (NWS), Weather Underground, Foreca (nowcasting), yr.no (met.no), METAR, and Open Weather Map, giving users a comprehensive and accurate reading of the weather around them.

The app also has metrics like “feels like” which gives an accurate representation of what it feels like compared to the accurate weather in your surroundings. Given the nature of Android, you can set the weather to appear on the notifications bar or the status bar on top, making sure you remember to get that umbrella before going out. You can also set a Daydream screensaver displaying the weather and landscape. Landscape photos are changed periodically based on the seasons and environment. Awesome Weather is an Editor’s Choice app and comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however. It’s a free download on the Google Play Store.

Dark Sky

The developers claim that this is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information around you, which makes this a highly rated app among users and experts alike. Data is gathered from a number of reputable sources, although the app only works in the U.S., UK, Ireland, and Puerto Rico as of now. You can choose to get weather notifications to remind you if it’s raining or snowing outside, saving you the trouble of having to manually open the app each time. Forecasts are provided every minute, so you can be alerted to the ever changing conditions around you.

Users can choose to display weather in the status bar or even have widgets set up across the home screen in any size they choose. Dark Sky has been featured on multiple publications for its accuracy and usability, which puts it pretty high up on our list as well. It already has about 500,000 installs, making it one of the most popular weather apps out there. Dark Sky is a free download on the Google Play Store and comes without ads or in-app purchases.


If you’ve owned a smartphone in the past few years, it’s likely that you’ve heard of AccuWeather. This weather app comes installed by default on most modern day smartphones, which has gained it the reputation of being one of the most accurate weather apps out there. The app also has a RealFeel Temperature feature, which is basically a fancy way of showing the “feels like” temperature around you. With AccuWeather you also get up to date information on the weather including radar reports for a better understanding of how the clouds are moving around you.

The best part with this app is that it also supports Gear OS smartwatches, so you can easily look for weather information from your wrist. You can get detailed weather reports for up to two weeks using AccuWeather, which can be quite helpful in planning that long weekend trip. AccuWeather is a free app on the Play Store and comes with ads and in-app purchases. With over 50 million installs, there’s no doubt that AccuWeather is one of the most recognized weather apps on Android.


This app helps you get weather information, temperature data, precipitation forecast, as well as a glimpse of the Doppler radar for an accurate representation of the weather around you. You can choose up to 12 locations at once with 1Weather accurately displaying the weather for each location in real time. The app also features an exclusive 12-week forecast known as PRECISONCAST with input from renowned meteorologist Gary Lezak. This can help you get a detailed view of what the weather would be like for the next 3 months with astounding accuracy.

You can also get day-to-day weather forecasts to help you plan for the immediate future. It’s a great app overall, and has all the bases covered. 1Weather is a free download on the Play Store, but has ads and in-app purchases.

Carrot Weather

We could all use some humor in our everyday lives, and Carrot Weather is the perfect app for that. It comes with a witty one liner for each weather forecast, and keeps changing throughout the day. So even if the weather around you is not that ideal, the app is sure to put a smile on your face. The developers describe the app as “hilariously twisted” and with good reason. The app uses data from Dark Sky to display weather forecast, so the locations would probably be limited to the U.S. and UK. Carrot Weather is a free download, but comes with ads and in-app purchases. Check it out.

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