Things to do if your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge dies without any apparent reason

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge turning off randomly due to battery issue

Hi there. I brought a Samsung S6 Edge a few months ago and recently i encounter two cases in which my phone has just gone dead without any response. The phone has never been dropped or water damaged. When i shake the phone i can hear some noises which seem like loosen parts inside the phone.

The first time the phone just died and only the blue notification LED light was on. The screen was completely blacked out and to solve the problem i used a method of draining the power of the phone and recharging afterwards to boost up the phone.

The second time it completely died without a reason. I solve the issue by reading your blog and holding on to the power on button and volume down key to reboot the phone. Is it possible to find out why the phone reacts this way? Is it the battery, virus, glitch or perhaps an app?

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon before i encounter a same case again. — Steph

Solution: Hi Steph. That the problem had happened at least twice is a sure indicator that something triggers a battery drain problem in your phone. The things that you experience are only symptoms of the real cause so we must dig deeper to identify what it is. We know that the description you describe here can happen randomly, making diagnosis not that simple. Below are some of the effective things that you can do to determine the problem.

Check the battery

An obvious way to check what’s draining your battery can be gleaned using the built-in feature under Settings>Battery. If one particular app stands out among expected core functions like Google Services, Android system, Android OS, etc., that should give you an idea what to do next.

Keep the phone in safe mode

Safe mode is an environment in Android that prevents third party applications from running. If one of your apps is inadvertently causing the battery drain, restarting the phone in safe mode will prove that our hunch is correct. If you haven’t tried this before, here are the steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power/Lock key for a few seconds to turn on the device.
  • When Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume Down key until the lock screen shows up.
  • The word “Safe mode” should now show on the lower left corner of the screen indicating that your device is now in Safe Mode.

Keep your S6 running in safe mode for a few hours or even a day so you have plenty of time to observe it.

Do a soft reset

Performing a soft reset on older Samsung Galaxy S phones involves turning off the phone and removing the battery for a few seconds but in a your S6, you merely have to hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds to do it. This is an easy, but sometimes effective solution to resolve quick battery drain syndrome in many Android phones.

This is also a recommended step if the real reason for the issue is one of the Google services.

Review your Google Sync settings

Ever wonder why Google Services usually takes a big bite in your battery consumption pie? Make sure to go under settings and check if all your account sync settings are enabled. Google and Samsung core services are often linked to the cloud are turned on by default so turning these things off might actually work very well in managing battery drain problem.

Use smarts when tweaking your phone settings

If you don’t use your phone often, or does not play games most of the time, you’re actually better off using the Power Saving mode option. While in this mode, your phone’s processor is throttled down a bit, screen is dimmed, and sync options turned off conserving considerable battery power if left on for several hours.

Now, these are only some of the basic remedies that you can do to identify the problem. If the issue keeps happening despite having done all of the suggested things above, make sure to have the phone replaced or repaired.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 no longer turns back after a drop

My phone fell from my bed. It was working perfectly before but then after falling it stopped working. There is a blue light blinking, and my phone also vibrates as if notifying me of a message. When you press the volume buttons there are sounds of the volume increasing or decreasing but my phone just won’t turn on. It isn’t turning on. The screen is black. Nothing seems to work. Please reply asap thanks. — Sherry

Solution: Hi Sherry. Most phone drops don’t result to anything serious but yours might be the exception in this case. Any drop can be potentially fatal for an electronic device and there’s no telling what happens next. Frankly, if you have not done anything different after that drop, the issue might be hardware in nature. Please have the phone checked by a qualified technician to determine what the failing part might be.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 fails to turn on

I left my S6 charging in the adapter, after like half an hour I walked in to see it displaying the Samsung logo and dying then again the logo and so on. I thought it was the infamous boot loop thing but when I tried to get into recovery mode there was no response at all. I tried to charge it via USB port the battery icon appears then it dies like there is no juice (Before charging in the first place it had 20+ % left and as I said left it for half an hour so there should be some juice there). It happened to me once before also when charging via the adapter. After trying all the above and failing I left it unplugged and tried to boot it up after few hours and it worked…no idea why or what happened there, this time even after leaving it nothing works.

BTW I’ve never experienced that before the 5.1.1 update

Thanks. — Mohammed

Solution: Hi Mohammed. While not normal, it’s a known phenomenon that a mobile battery sometimes drains a lot quicker than usual eventhough nothing has been done differently to the device. Charging your phone via a computer’s USB port is also slower compared to when doing it via a regular wall outlet.

Please charge your phone via an outlet for at least 30 minutes and try to check if you can boot it to recovery mode. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s how:

  • Turn off your device by pressing the Power button or by pressing it once and selecting “Power off” option.
  • Now, press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home button at the same time.
  • When the blue Android Recovery menu appears on the screen, release all the buttons.
  • To navigate on the screen or highlight an option, simply press the Volume Up and Volume Down
  • To select or confirm a highlighted option, press the Power
  • Finally, to completely perform the recovery mode, choose Reboot System Now

If you can access recovery mode, make sure to delete cache partition and restart the phone in recovery mode.

Otherwise, please find a way to have the phone replaced or repaired.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 no longer power on

Phone was working earlier on in the evening, put it in my bag and when I got home it was off. I thought this was strange last time I looked it had 67% battery. It won’t turn on and not even registering I am pressing the power key. Also I have plugged in the charger and there is nothing coming up showing that it recognizes a charger is plugged in.

In desperate need of this phone and don’t know what to do, please help! — Rachel

Solution: Hi Rachel. Looks like you and Mohammed have the same exact problem. If you did not download or install anything immediately prior this issue occurring, the phone’s battery may have simply failed. Make sure that you leave the phone charged for at least 30 minutes using the charger that came with the phone, and try to see if you can pull up the recovery menu.

Problem #5: Wet Samsung Galaxy S6 unable to power back on

Hey, so my Samsung Galaxy S6 went through the most of the washing machine cycle, i put it in rice and it started working! awesome right? well.. then when i started charging it, the light showed up and the battery also, but it stays at 0%! i turn it on and everything is still on it and all but since it only stays on the charge of 0% it turns right off again and tries to keep restarting, i tried putting it in rice again for four more days but well no luck, it’s still doing it and won’t stay on long enough for me to try and reset it or put it in safe mode, people tell me the battery is fried, but the battery in a Samsung Galaxy S6 is not removable so you see i would honestly hate to think the phone i got just a couple months ago, and the things on it, are completely gone just because of one accident.. phone companies are just telling me to file a claim but i have made it this far in getting it working again, only thing is that i need it to hold charge… i don’t want to give up now guys, please help?!?! — Sabrina

Solution: Hi Sabrina. It’s not advisable for a user to turn back on liquid-damaged phone if there’s no 100% assurance that the phone has been completely drained of water or liquid. This can only be done if you open your phone up, which is usually not achievable by an average user. The main reason for this is that water can sometimes seep into difficult-to-reach portions of the motherboard causing a short circuit.

We posted some potential solutions in our article Things to do when you have a water-damaged Android phone although they still call for opening your phone in the process. As you may have known, opening the phone yourself voids the manufacturer’s warranty so are actually left without much choice in the matter.

If you can’t have Samsung or your carrier replace the phone for you, make sure to let a certified technician fix the phone for you.



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  1. Problem #3 & #4 are totally different. #3 has some life (a battery charging icon), and #4 is totally no response even after charging. I would feel much better with #3 than #4! May phone does not respond with 3 different chargers. Could this simply be a bad battery or a failed wire connection in the phone? Do batteries fail in this way (no response at all, no icon or lights)? How an I check the S6 battery? I would hate to get the battery changed, and find it it something else that is unfixable.

  2. Hello, I recently painstakingly replaced the battery in my Samsung s6 edge to fix what I thought was just an old battery. Well since the new one was put in, my phone now frequently dies in the 25-35% battery range. Does the phone need to calibrate to the new battery? Or is there some other issue? I have checked for possible apps draining, and I am convinced that is not the issue.

  3. I had the same problem as Steph and followed his very helpful directions. It worked! But the battery was NOT drained. It still had 70% juice. So still hoping for an explanation……………

  4. My s6 egg plus was suddenly won’t turn on, got a new phone and my contacts are recover but not my pictures

  5. I posted a few weeks ago. My phone died. I bought a new S8+. 6 hours later my 6 started working fine. They said I overheated it by charging overnight. I must say I was so sad to turn in my S8. That phone is amazing ! But my 6 is only 2 years old. It has been several weeks and I have had no problems

  6. Galaxy s6
    Plug phone in and does not charge, at all. Doesn’t start up unless charger plugged in, comes on kicks off, comes on kicks off constantly, try and get blue screen, comes on then kicks off, battery says 91%

  7. Hi whenever my Samsung S 6 edge plus goes completely dead and i put it to charge it takes about 2 hours before the phone would even come on . Please advise. I’ve only had this phone for 11 months.

  8. My samsung 6edge wont turn on. I didnt drop it. After shutting down due to 1% battery stat, I charged it and leave it there until it reached 80%.. I didnt use it since its charging but then when I pressed the power button.. the charging status display was gone.. I was busy with my laptop so I didnt notice what was happening then.. after a while I clicked the home button thinking its on… but theres no response.. It wont charge either… none of the button combination works too.. I waited till morning hoping that it will be okay but to my surprise.. my phone is so hot.. it burned its case a little.. Its a new phone.. I have it for 8 months..I dont know hiw to fix this cause I dont know the exact problem. Please help …

  9. Hi, my galaxy 6s edge just completely died.
    last night it turned off and started a system type reset so i let it go, 3 hours later it said it was still trying to install applications, another hour passed with the load bar complete this time however it still said it was installing applications, I waited another half an hour however nothing changed I managed to reset the handset however now it will not turn back on, it will not even register that it is charging.

  10. My S6 (22mths old) was working then died for no reason. It happened in parking lot of
    Costco so I asked them to try charging it. Nothing happpend, no screen light up, no charging, nothing. I ended up buying a new S8+. Six hours later the screen came on! Was able to charge it again, but I’m worried it’s going to do it again.
    Anyone else have this happen? The Verizon guy at Costco said I have probably been over heating it by leaving on the charger overnight.
    I have 14 days to return the new one. I really like it but don’t want to pay another $600.

  11. I left my phone on the charger last night with power off. This morning the green light was on indicating full charge. The Samsung S6 will not turn on. I’ve tried everything listed on the web make it reboot, but nothing works. I’m completely at a lose.

  12. my galaxy s6 is not turning on and completely dead nothing will appear if i connect with my pc, i have lot of data in internal memory how i can recover it
    what to do.

  13. Hey, so one day I was charging my phone but I had to bend the wire to make it charge and so my phone was on vibration and it kept falling so the day after it wouldn’t charge and now it’s just pitch black and won’t reboot or anything

  14. hello i wanted to take a picture with my phone with the flash on, immediately it flashed the phone went off and now i cannot switch it on a gain

  15. I put my samsung s6 on charge…i used fast wireless charger..when the my phone is about 96% its suddenly off…i just wonder i cannot turn it on…after few hours the device its geþing hot…until when its cooled the following day i put again on charge and yes i can open my phone…i just wonder whats the problem of this device?

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