The Sims 4 Cow Plant: What is it and how to find and grow it?

Wondering what The Cowplant Death in The Sims 4 is? Here’s a quick overview for your reference.  Read on if you’re wondering what The Sims 4 cow plant is and how to find and grow it in The Sims 4.

the sims 4 cowplant overview

The Sims 4 game offers different types of skills that suit every user’s preferences and gardening is among them. Gardening is a skill that’s primarily aimed at a Sim’s ability to grow different types of plants. Among the rare plants you can grow in the game is the cowplant or cowplant berry.

The Sims 4 Gardening

One of the most complicated skills to master in The Sims 4 game is gardening. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the most exciting tasks as it will push you to strive hard to end up with the best possible harvest. In every gardening skill level, you are expected to accomplish a certain objective to get a reward.

The entire gardening process involves choosing your preferred plant, planting it on the ground, tending to your plants, grafting, spraying for bugs, fertilizing, evolving and harvesting your plants.  Harvestable plants can be used for augmenting profits, enhancing ability and levelling up. And if you don’t want to sell your plants for profits, then  you can just eat them instead.

Different Types Plants in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 offers different types of plants for you to choose from. Among the available plant classifications include common, uncommon, rare, outdoor retreat, get to work, seasonal plants, jungle adventure, cats and dogs, strangerville, and island living plants.

Rare Cow Plant/Cowplant Berry

The Sims 4 cow plant or cow plant berry is tagged under the rare category. As defined in the game, the cowplant or cowplant berry is a plantable, strangely bovine fruit with an initial value of $20. This plant can be grown into the infamous cowplant, also known as The Cowplant Death. It’s one of the mysterious additions to The Sims 4. You can use this plant to kill any Sims you don’t like.

Rare as it is, The cowplant is one of the hardest plants to find, so only a few are able to plant it in The Sims 4. But once you plant it, you can expect it to bloom all year round.

How to get The Cow Plant Death

For you to secure The Cow Plant Death, you need to find the elusive cow plant berry.

The most effective way of finding a cowplant or cowplant berry in the game is through fishing in the Sylvan glade. You can also find this plant by going on a mission in the rocketship. 

To simplify things, I’ve summed up the entire process as follows:

  • explore space
  • go fishing
  • dig for treasure

Another way to create and grow a cowplant berry is to graft a dragon fruit with a snapdragon.

Here’s how to graft?

  • First, plant a snapdragon and a strawberry. If you don’t have a strawberry, you can use dragon fruit instead.
  • When the plants have grown, take cuttings from them.
  • Finally, take the snapdragon and dragon fruit (or strawberry) cuttings and use them together to get the cow plant berry.
  • Once you have the cow plant berry, plant it at any gardening area
  • Wait for a few days until it grows. 
  • Don’t forget to water your plant so it will grow properly.

How do cowplants work?

Once you have the berry in your inventory, drag and plant it in your preferred planter or in the ground.

There are three growth stages of a cow plant, namely the horns, stem, and full grown plant.

Depending on the level of your Sim, you can weed, fertilize, talk to, water and tend to your cow plant.

Normally, it won’t take more days for a cowplant to fully mature and when it does, you will get an ability to interact with it directly. Among the available interactions you can do with your Cowplant include the following:

  • feed
  • play
  • pet
  • eat cake
  • milk
  • collect sample

For children Sims, the only interaction they have with a cowplant is play.

You can plant more than one cowplants on your lot. Just be sure to feed them at least once every 12 hours.

Normally, your Sim will be asked either to Feed the Cowplant or Eat the Cake. If your Sim chooses to eat the cake, chances are that the Cowplant will spit out or devour your Sim. As a result, your Sim will die and return as a ghost.

If a Sim has been killed by the Cowplant, it will depart the Essence of Life. 

But there’s a catch! The cow plant won’t eat a Sim with low hygiene level. (You’ll know if your Sim is one if it won’t be eaten.)

To avoid accidents, be sure to keep your Sims away from your Cowplant. You can install a gate or fence around it as a preventive measure.

Meanwhile, the Sim who drinks the Cowplant’s spit will receive additional days to live.

Failure to feed your Cow Plant after another 12 hours after sticking out the cake will result in its death. When this happens, there is no way for it to be revived. What will be left in its place is only a husk.

Hope this helps!

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