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Amazon Instant Video

Rumor: Amazon planning to release a live TV streaming service

#Amazon could be looking to foray into live TV streaming according to a new report. It is said that the retailer might be looking to get more involved in live TV streaming from the likes of #CBS and #NBC. The report from Bloomberg said – “ Inc. is exploring the creation of a live online


Shazam will allow users to stream full songs within the app via Rdio

Shazam has grown immensely since it originally broke cover as a music tagging service. And the developers are taking big strides in taking it even further with the help of a new update. This update will finally bring the ability to stream full songs directly within the app, courtesy of paid streaming service Rdio. The update

Boxee announcement coming up to announce they have been acquired

Boxee is expected to announce who they have been acquired by in the up coming week, the company is looking to go in a new direction they are trying to separate themselves from their open source software routes. The initial move away from open source software was their partnership with D-Link to create their set


Hulu unveils new iPad app

Hulu has unveiled their Hulu Plus app that has been completely redesigned and focuses on discovery, allowing their users to find new content that they might not otherwise have came into contact with. The new app has some new features as well; if you see an image of a movie or tv show in the


Redbox Instant coming to Roku

The many Roku users will soon be able to access Redbox Instant which combines their DVD rentals with a Netflix style subscription service. Redbox Instant officially announced on Thursday that the service will finally come to Roku in the summer, but no specific date has been discloses. This announcement comes after Redbox Instant launched on

Netflix bringing 16 New Comedy shows Next Year

Netflix the internet streaming movie company is trying to emulate the HBO model by making it’s own content and the company has announced that they have 16 new stand up comedy shows in the pipeline; due to release next year. The chief content officer at Netflix in an interview pointed out that Bill Burr in

Twitter Introduces new Features for #Music

Twitter has started to roll out some new features for its #Music service for the web, the company is adding various charts to the service; for popularity and by genre. There are other charts that you can find in other areas of the service, the charts can be found in the following categories; Superstars and


Pandora Allows Streaming of Music from Unreleased Albums

The very popular online music streaming service Pandora has launched a brand new radio station on it’s service that streams songs from albums that haven’t been released yet. It’s kind of like when Daft Punks new album Random Access Memories was leaked earlier in the day before iTunes started to stream the album. The new

Google to be Releasing a Spotify killer at I/O

Google is in prime position to release a music streaming service and they are rumoured to announce the Spotify killer during I/O the companies conference where they announce their up and coming products. Google has the man power and the resources to make a really great competitor to Spotify and it will be built in

YouTube to Launch Paid Channel Subscriptions

Google the owner of the highly successful video website YouTube is rumoured to be introducing a paid subscription model to the service for specialist channels, most likely to include news corporations and individual channels that make a living from producing their original content such as the Guild. At the moment the money is coming from

Spotify Acquires Tunigo the Music Discovery app

The music discovery startup Tunigo has been acquired by music streaming giant Spotify, this is an attempt by Spotify to protect themselves from the rise of Twitters music streaming service #Music. Spotify will run Tunigo as a normal the existing users won’t notice any changes, but what Spotify is doing is adding all of the

Earbits Brings Its Indie Music Discovery Service To Android

Earbits is a free music service and is a vessel for independent musicians and labels to promote their work to fans, it is launching it’s first mobile product today and breaking the mold by releasing an Android app first instead of an iOS app. It has been more than two years since the startup first

Twitter launches #music a new music streaming service

Twitter released the web and iPhone version of it’s brand new service #music late yesterday afternoon [18th April] which is Twitter’s own music streaming service, it allows you to listen to what’s trending, what your friends are listening to, emerging talent, popular music and what you might like along side acts that you follow. Sign