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How much data does Pandora use and what to do if it crashes

Pandora Radio or simply Pandora is a music streaming app thus, it needs Internet connection to work properly. The streaming works regardless whether your on mobile data or connected to the Internet via Wifi. You can use the service for free but if you’re an audiophile, listening to music at a bitrate of 128 Kpbs

5 Best Streaming Music Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Remember Napster, the pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing Internet service that emphasized sharing MP3 songs but quickly ran into legal difficulties over copyright infringement? In hindsight, Napster—and its successors, such as Gnutella, Freenet, Kazaa, and Bearshare—became popular mainly because of how convenient it was to use them. It turns out that most people couldn’t care

Galaxy S6 apps are laggy and not working properly, other issues

If you’ve been using an Android device for some time now, you should have experienced problems with one of your apps. While app issues can come in many forms, one of the most frustrating problems is when you encounter lag when using an app. In this article, we address this issue on the Samsung #GalaxyS6.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pandora Streaming Issues

We have received several emails from Samsung Galaxy S4 Pandora users who have been encountering streaming issues especially when they upgraded to Android 4.3. According, to the official website of Pandora, there are several ways to fix it. Read the steps below, which were provided by the tech support of the app. 1. Update the

Pandora’s growth & future hit by Apple Radio Talks

Yesterday we talked about Apple iRadio to hit soon the market since agreements with warner music are in process. Today, we got confirmed update on this agreement. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has finally signed a deal with Warner Music Group by giving them 10% of its ad revenue. The agreement will allow


Pandora Allows Streaming of Music from Unreleased Albums

The very popular online music streaming service Pandora has launched a brand new radio station on it’s service that streams songs from albums that haven’t been released yet. It’s kind of like when Daft Punks new album Random Access Memories was leaked earlier in the day before iTunes started to stream the album. The new