How To Block Someone On Line Messaging

How To Block Someone On Line Messaging Quick and Easy Way

Line is a free to download communication tool that’s available for the Android iOS, MacOS, and Windows platforms. It allows anyone to place calls, video calls, send messages, and share photos and videos with other Line subscribers. Although this is a solid communication tool there are times when you will want to block someone from

LINE Launcher

Makers of messaging app LINE now have an Android launcher

Instant Messaging app #LINE is quite popular in some key markets of Asia. Features like music streaming, stickers, games etc have made it the desired choice for many out there. The developers of the app have just broadened their horizons by launching a new home screen launcher application, aptly named LINE Launcher. As you can see

In defense of mobile messaging apps

Chat apps are popular, but some folks still prefer good ol’ SMS. If you’re one of those still sticking with SMS, here are a few points that might convince you to go for chat apps instead. Last week I was texting with my brother who lives across town. Given my interest in mobile chat apps

LG HomeChat Allows Smart Appliances To Be Controlled Via SMS

Imagine being on vacation and still being able to control our home appliances. This will help place your mind at ease if you have forgotten to unplug certain appliances. LG will soon make this a reality with the company’s recent announcement of its new technology that takes advantage of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to control

The best Android messaging clients of 2013

This year saw a lot of new instant messaging clients rise to the fore on Android, with each client offering a set of unique elements that distinguishes it from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the best and fastest growing messaging clients: WhatsApp With a total user base of over 350 million,

3 things we can learn from LINE’s planned IPO

The messaging space is a lucrative industry today, with apps like Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, Viber and the like growing to hundreds of millions of users in a span of months. In fact, LINE — an app developed by Korean search company NHN Naver and its Japanese subsidiary NHN — reportedly earns upwards of US$ 10

BlackBerry Messenger: The End of Platform Specific Services?

BlackBerry Messenger, is about to launch on Android and iOS. BlackBerry Messenger used to be a feature exclusive to BlackBerry phones, and which was a major selling point for the Waterloo-based company’s devices. The smartphone market has changed a lot in the past few years, and BlackBerry Messenger has to either go cross-platform or become


Messaging app LINE coming to Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung has yet to grab the titan on cross-platform messaging WhatsApp, but LINE is a contender in the race and will be one of the first apps to launch on the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The new smartwatch is a big attempt by Samsung to get early control of the market, with rumors of the


Whatsapp announces 300M users, voice messaging feature

Whatsapp now has 300 million users. The company hit this milestone just around six weeks after the same hit its 250 million active monthly user mark. Whatsapp Achievements Whatsapp, which evidently loves statistics, also announced that 11 billion messages are sent via the app on a daily basis. An even greater number, 20 million, of