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5 Best Slim Phones in 2019 That’s Available Today

In 1999, the best-selling mobile phone on the market, Nokia 3210, was 0.88 inches thick. Fast forward to 2017, and we have the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, which measure 0.28 and 0.31 inches respectively, despite being significantly more powerful and infinitely more capable. As amazing at it may sound, the iPhone 7

Huawei P9 Screen Not Responding Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Huawei #P9 is a high end smartphone released in 2016 that’s best known for having camera optics co-designed by Leica. The phone comes equipped with dual 12MP cameras, one of which captures color information while the other captures monochrome information. This allows the phone to capture high quality photos even in low light conditions.

Solved Huawei P9 Screen Is Flickering

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #HuaweiP9 fix the issues that they are experiencing with their phone. This is a flagship model first released in 2016 and is best known for for having a dual rear camera system with Leica optics. This phone

Solved Huawei P9 Charging Cord Needs To Be Bent To Charge Phone

The #HuaweiP9 is a flagship phone released in 2016 which is best known for its excellent camera qualities. The phone has  a dual rear camera system consisting of two 12MP shooters one of which records monochrome information. Both of these cameras sport Leica optics. Under the hood is the company’s own HiSilicon Kirin 955 processor

Huawei P9 Won’t Boot Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Huawei #P9 is a 2016 flagship phone that is best known for using a dual Leica camera system that takes amazing photos. One of the cameras takes standard color photos while the other camera takes only black and white photos. The information from both cameras are then translated by the phone and results in

Huawei P9 Charges On And Off

The #Huawei #P9 is a 2016 flagship phone model that has a premium design and finish. It is best known as a photographer’s phone as it takes great quality photos with its dual rear 12 MP Leica cameras. The device also uses powerful hardware components that allow it to operate smoothly. Although this is a

Huawei P9 Screen Flickers Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Huawei #P9 is a flagship phone released in 2016 that’s best known for using Leica optics for its dual rear cameras. Leica is one of the leaders in camera optics and bringing their technology to mobile devices is a good move as it makes mobile devices take great photos. The dual camera configuration of