5 Best Car Chargers For iPhone X

One of the things that are a real downer about car chargers is that, more often than not, they don’t do much more than trickle charge your phone, and that’s when they work. This is almost always the case for car chargers that you buy from a gas station or local store. To get a

5 Best Car Chargers For Galaxy Note 9

One of the unfortunate things about car chargers is that they’re not always made with quality materials and high safety standards. Many car chargers that you pick up from a local gas station or for a cheap at a store are going to fail you not long after you buy it: it might short out

5 Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of our favorite Android phones right now is the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung. Extremely innovative, it’s a fantastic device that we can’t recommend enough. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a new phone, you will notice that the charging port and chargers are different than the past ones. Well, you’re

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5 Best Portable Solar Chargers For iPhone X

Tired of using the traditional wall charger to charge up your iPhone X? Tired of being out on the go, and your phone shuts down because you ran out of battery and there’s no way to charge it? Then you should consider picking up a portable solar charger. Not only will you be charging up

5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Android Phone or Tablet in 2020

Modern Android smartphones are so capable that they can entirely replace desktop computers and home entertainment centers. You can use them to watch high-definition movies on your TV, edit Excel spreadsheets and write Word documents, browse the web, play games, chat with your friends, or read the news. And you can do all these things

5 Best Car Chargers For Galaxy S9

Wireless at-home chargers are great, but what about chargers for your Galaxy S9 while you’re on the go? After all, we all do live hectic lives, and it can be difficult to sit around at home and wait for the phone to get to a proper battery level for us to leave. That said, it’s

5 Best Portable Power Bank Charger For Galaxy S9

Wireless at-home chargers and car chargers are nice, but what if you want to take a power bank with you so that you can charge whenever? Luckily, they make quite a few power banks specifically for the Galaxy S9 so that you can quickly charge up your smartphone while you’re at, say, a business meeting

5 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 8

Regular iPhone 8 charging, over time, can be a serious pain. Over time, that lightning port gets full of dust, lint, and other gunk, making it difficult to charge your iPhone. That gunk builds up in there, not allowing you to get your lightning cable all the way in the port, thus not being able

10 Best Wireless Chargers For Google Pixel 2 XL

One of the most significant technology advents for smartphones is wireless charging. Charging by way of a wire inserted into a USB port has gotten old, cumbersome, and downright annoying. More often than not, through plugging the cable into your phone over and over again, you substantially ruin the charging port, making it challenging to

5 Best Portable Power Bank Charger For Google Pixel 2 XL

If you’ve got a Google Pixel 2 XL, you know just how much battery it takes to power all of that extra screen. And, you might be finding out the hard way — by mid-day, are you basically out of battery, or running out super quick? That might mean that you need some extra juice

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5 Best Portable Solar Chargers For Google Pixel 2 XL

Traditionally, we charge our phones from a wall charger, or if we’re on the go, we’ll charge our phones from a power bank that we charge from the wall. Believe it or not, there’s now alternative or “green” charging options for charging your Google Pixel 2 XL — any phone —  and your power banks!

5 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone X

The iPhone X is Apple’s idea of revolutionizing the iPhone, and with it, finally comes with Qi wireless charging. That means that if you purchase a wireless charger, you don’t have to worry about damaging your lightning port by plugging it in and out day in and day out. Not only that, but you don’t

5 Best Selfie Sticks For Galaxy Note 9

The world runs on selfies these days. Most cameras that are made are advertised as having special “selfie” modes for taking the perfect photo, whether it be on your own or with friends in the selfie. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an excellent camera, rear, and front-facing, so you’ll be able to take great

5 Best Car Chargers For Google Pixel 2 XL

If you’re on the go a lot, keeping your device charged can be difficult, especially since a lot of car chargers aren’t reliable. Time and time again, car chargers just stop working, sometimes they blow out, and other times, they’ll damage your phone because they don’t have the proper safety features built into them. If

5 Best Micro USB Cable Charger In 2020

Aftermarket Micro USB cables have traditionally had a lot of problems. Sometimes they’re not properly insulated, so after just a little bit of use you get wire breaks, and then, a defective micro USB cable. Other times aftermarket cables are defective straight out of the box. This is all because there are a lot of

5 Best Portable Power Supplies In 2020

Are you tired of your gadgets dying on you when you’re out and about? Maybe you’re someone who relies on their laptop and equipment a lot for work. You obviously can’t afford to have this equipment down, so not being near a power outlet can be a disaster. That’s why you should consider the benefits