5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Android Phone or Tablet in 2024

Modern Android smartphones are so capable that they can entirely replace desktop computers and home entertainment centers, all thanks to the best bt keyboard for android. You can use them to watch high-definition movies on your TV, edit Excel spreadsheets and write Word documents, browse the web, play games, chat with your friends, or read the news. And you can do all these things even more comfortable with the best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Android Phone or Tablet.

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Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Android Phone or Tablet



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1. Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard


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Logitech may be the most popular manufacturer of computer peripherals, and the company certainly never fails to introduce products that scream “buy me!” The K780 Bluetooth keyboard isn’t cheap, but let us tell you right away that it’s worth the price.

As its name suggests, the main feature is the ability to switch between multiple devices without always having to repeat the pairing process. The F-row features three white keys, which allow you to jump from your PC or Mac to your phone or tablet with a press of a button.

Integrated into the keyboard is a smartphone slash tablet stand. The stand isn’t adjustable, but we have found the angle to be just right—Logitech rigorously tested the keyboard before releasing it to the market.

Because this is a full-sized keyboard, it comes with an integrated Numpad and spacious keycaps. The caps are round and slightly dented, helping your fingers reliably land right in the center. We were pleased with the typing experience and found it comparable to high-end laptop keyboards. The Logitech K780 could easily be used as the main keyboard for any PC or Mac—that’s not something we can say about many Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Android Phone or Tablet.

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2. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard

Sometimes the most basic solution is the best one. In the case of Bluetooth keyboards, small size and attractive price are the two main things we want to see when we shop for a keyboard that will spend most of its life inside a backpack, where it will inevitably encounter all kinds of nasty backpack grime.

Anker has cooked up a brilliant basic Bluetooth keyboard that’s 30% smaller than traditional full-size keyboards and weighs only 6.7 ounces. The keyboard takes two AAA batteries, which provide enough power for over three months of semi-regular use.

Just like with the much more expensive Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech, the Anker Ultra-Slim Keyboard works with all modern operating systems and features convenient shortcut keys for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The bt keyboard for android uses membrane switches, which are known for not being as accurate as laptop-style scissor switches or full-blown mechanical switches. Indeed, you probably wouldn’t write a novel on this keyboard, and attempting to do so would defeat the purpose of this product. This keyboard is meant to be used occasionally, and it accomplishes what it set to achieve without a hitch.

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3. 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

This foldable keyboard from 1byone isn’t much larger than a wallet, yet it uses relatively large keycaps and a familiar layout. When folded, the keyboard is less than 6” wide and protected by a sturdy plastic shell from all sides. You can carelessly toss it inside your backpack, knowing that nothing is going to happen to it.

The 1byone foldable keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0, which ensures compatibility with most Bluetooth-enabled devices on the market. You can easily pair it with your device by pressing Fn+C, and the Smart On/Off feature will automatically turn the keyboard off anytime it detects that you’re not using it.

Instead of using replaceable batteries, this slim bt keyboard for android has an integrated 210mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which works for 64 hours of continuous use or 114 days in standby mode. The battery recharges using an included USB cable in less than 4 hours.

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5. Fosmon Portable Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-In Touchpad

The Bluetooth keyboard on our list is a perfect addition to your Chromecast-powered home entertainment system. Fosmon has created a small keyboard with built-in touchpad and LED backlighting, and they offer it at an enticing price. A keyboard like this is best suited for web browsing or occasional chatting. Not only does it work with Android devices, Apple products, and Windows laptops and smartphones, but it also supports the PS3 and PS4. The only limitation is that the touchpad doesn’t work with the Apple iPhone and iPad.

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6. BATTOP Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Kickstand

Until we got our hands on the BATTOP foldable keyboard, we’d always assumed that taking notes on a smartphone would be a chore. While doing this, you’re risking losing your thumbs as a result of trying to write using a virtual keyboard. On the other hand, you’re risking losing your reputation because pairing a smartphone with a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard looks ridiculous, especially if you also throw a smartphone stand to the mix.

Considering that it’s less than 10” wide in its open state, the BATTOP keyboard isn’t much larger than modern phablets. The keyboard can be folded into a slim gray box that resembles a pen case. The profile of the keyboard is compact, even though it comes with an integrated kickstand. You are free to adjust the angle of the stand as you please, and the hinge is strong enough to support even large tablets.

Of course, with any keyboard that’s so small as this one, your typing comfort will suffer. It takes a while to get used to the smaller keycaps, but it’s doable. If you want a bt keyboard for android that you can fit into any pocket and carry with you all the time, spending a few hours adjusting to its smaller size shouldn’t be a massive problem for you.

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