How To Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

The WiFi Authentication Error in Samsung Galaxy S3 has been bugging a lot of users lately. Many thought the problem was caused by a bug but it wasn’t. It turned out that the authentication problem is simple to fix. Majority of users who reported to have experienced the issue said they have fixed the problem by following simple procedures. That is what we are going to point out in this post.


Based on reports, the WiFi Authentication Error in Galaxy S3 happens without any service to trigger it. However, there several users who said the issue occurred after they have left their phones in deep sleep that by the time they were ready to use it, they couldn’t browse the web anymore nor receive emails. Experts whom we asked about this problem said it is a simple connectivity issue. Authentication errors also happen in laptops, tablets or any other IP-capable devices not just smartphones. So they suggest doing troubleshooting procedures on both the wireless network and the phone.

This problem was experienced by other users with different devices during Gingerbread times. The sheer number of Galaxy S3 owners who reported to have experienced this problem made it like it was an S3-exclusive issue even though it’s not. So this tutorial, while we focus more on helping Galaxy S3 owners, could also be used for other devices like the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note, etc.

Signs of WiFi Authentication Error 

Aside from the error window that would pop up, the following are signs and symptoms that you are experiencing the WiFi Authentication Error.

  1. WiFi refuses to connect without apparent reason.
  2. The connection randomly drops.
  3. WiFi connects but immediately disconnects after acquiring an IP address.

Possible Fixes 

There’s no point in trying various troubleshooting procedures if you don’t know what the problem is. So, the first thing you’ll have to do is isolate the issues so you’ll know where to begin.

  1. After getting the authentication error in your Galaxy S3, try to connect other devices to your network. If you have a laptop or other mobile phones, try connecting them to see if they, too, would get the same error. If they can connect just fine, then you already know the problem is not with your router/network.
  2. Try rebooting your phone first. Reboot often fixes simple problems so you should try that before you go any further. Once the phone is up, try reconnecting to see if you can.
  3. Go to Settings => Wi-Fi and make sure the toggle switch is on. Tap and hold on the name of your network to open its settings page. Once it pops up, tap on “Forget this Network” button.
  4. Let the phone detect networks in range and select the one you usually connect to. Enter credentials and try to browse the web to see if you can.
  5. If you can’t connect to your network still, try to find networks you can temporarily connect to and see your phone works just fine. If it does, then try using a different encryption type in your network. There were reports that S3 not connecting to a network that uses WPA2. However, if your phone won’t connect even with other networks, there could be some problem with the software. Try to see if there are available updates.

If you know other troubleshooting procedures for Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error and want to share it with us, email us at [email protected] Likewise, for those who have other problems aside from the one mentioned here, feel free to contact us at the same address.

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