How To Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

samsung galaxy s3

The WiFi Authentication Error in Samsung Galaxy S3 has been bugging a lot of users lately. Many thought the problem was caused by a bug but it wasn’t. It turned out that the authentication problem is simple to fix. Majority of users who reported to have experienced the issue said they have fixed the problem by following simple procedures. That is what we are going to point out in this post.


Based on reports, the WiFi Authentication Error in Galaxy S3 happens without any service to trigger it. However, there several users who said the issue occurred after they have left their phones in deep sleep that by the time they were ready to use it, they couldn’t browse the web anymore nor receive emails. Experts whom we asked about this problem said it is a simple connectivity issue. Authentication errors also happen in laptops, tablets or any other IP-capable devices not just smartphones. So they suggest doing troubleshooting procedures on both the wireless network and the phone.

This problem was experienced by other users with different devices during Gingerbread times. The sheer number of Galaxy S3 owners who reported to have experienced this problem made it like it was an S3-exclusive issue even though it’s not. So this tutorial, while we focus more on helping Galaxy S3 owners, could also be used for other devices like the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note, etc.

Signs of WiFi Authentication Error 

Aside from the error window that would pop up, the following are signs and symptoms that you are experiencing the WiFi Authentication Error.

  1. WiFi refuses to connect without apparent reason.
  2. The connection randomly drops.
  3. WiFi connects but immediately disconnects after acquiring an IP address.

Possible Fixes 

There’s no point in trying various troubleshooting procedures if you don’t know what the problem is. So, the first thing you’ll have to do is isolate the issues so you’ll know where to begin.

  1. After getting the authentication error in your Galaxy S3, try to connect other devices to your network. If you have a laptop or other mobile phones, try connecting them to see if they, too, would get the same error. If they can connect just fine, then you already know the problem is not with your router/network.
  2. Try rebooting your phone first. Reboot often fixes simple problems so you should try that before you go any further. Once the phone is up, try reconnecting to see if you can.
  3. Go to Settings => Wi-Fi and make sure the toggle switch is on. Tap and hold on the name of your network to open its settings page. Once it pops up, tap on “Forget this Network” button.
  4. Let the phone detect networks in range and select the one you usually connect to. Enter credentials and try to browse the web to see if you can.
  5. If you can’t connect to your network still, try to find networks you can temporarily connect to and see your phone works just fine. If it does, then try using a different encryption type in your network. There were reports that S3 not connecting to a network that uses WPA2. However, if your phone won’t connect even with other networks, there could be some problem with the software. Try to see if there are available updates.

If you know other troubleshooting procedures for Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error and want to share it with us, email us at [email protected] Likewise, for those who have other problems aside from the one mentioned here, feel free to contact us at the same address.

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  1. We both bought S3 a few months back, his connects to our Wi-Fi mine won’t and want to connect to BT Wi-Fi with fone! Been unusable for
    weeks! The guru finally brought it back to life on Sat … I had put my SIM in his ! The guru sighed saying that week The reason I could log in!, he logged in apps I couldn’t etc, short lived happiness – yesterday couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi! Hubby managed it last night also set tbe BT Wi-Fi fone so it can’t reconnect automatically, woke up to find same again! Loosing faith rapidly.gail

  2. Worked for me. I went to the wifi page, held my finger on the icon to the left of the network name until “forget the network” option came up. Selected it, and shortly the s6 connected when it found the network

  3. Tried to do this solution and it worked perfectly!!!
    Just changed the name of both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi.
    Wish it works for everyone else.


    The answer lies in the first comment at the bottom of this page:

    Quote: My – “dual band router” – had the same name for both the 2.4g and 5 gig. I renamed the 5 gig and have not had a problem there since…

    I had changed the password on my Router for the 2.4g setting only and not the 5g… so when i tried logging into my WiFi with my newer iPhone it must have been trying to connect to the 5g not the 2.4g and couldn’t log in. I shall now change the password to be the same for both 2.4g and 5g and have set a new “SSID” that’s the same for both settings…

    I hope this helps – cheers to all ?”’

  4. whats wrong with s3 it keeps on saying authentication error while other cheap phones can connect at ease should I burry this phone?

  5. sir, i will get a new Mobil in Samsung s8 model wifi can not connection and error code is authentication error occurred and i have install correct password.but the can not connected.

  6. OK – final update: this works perfectly…

    My new iPhone can connect to both 2.4g and 5g networks and my Router is a ‘Dual Band Router’ with both these settings…

    After a little playing around and experimenting i changed the ‘2.4g SSID and Password’ but left the 5g as it was – Now i can connect individually to either one. no more connection problems!!!

  7. update:

    The answer lies in the first comment at the bottom of this page:

    Quote: My – “dual band router” – had the same name for both the 2.4g and 5 gig. I renamed the 5 gig and have not had a problem there since…

    I had changed the password on my Router for the 2.4g setting only and not the 5g… so when i tried logging into my WiFi with my newer iPhone it must have been trying to connect to the 5g not the 2.4g and couldn’t log in. I shall now change the password to be the same for both 2.4g and 5g and have set a new “SSID” that’s the same for both settings…

    I hope this helps – cheers to all 🙂

  8. Solved it: Here’s what i discovered… The “authentication error occurred” is because another network close by is broadcasting the same ‘SSID’ and your very powerful iPhone – WiFi is trying to connect to the wrong Router – to fix – log into your Router and change the ‘SSID’ to a unique name you’ll recognize and then reconnect all your devices to the new “SSID” using same password – Select ‘Forget’ for the old network, so it no longer tries to automatically reconnect – worked like a charm for me – cheers 🙂

  9. i have a “Samsung Galaxy A3” and it was showing “Authentication error occurred” – i tried all kinds of methods and none of those worked. all my other devices connected with ease with same settings.

    So- i went up close to the router and ‘nek minit’ it connected. My Router was sitting on the floor under metal framed bunks – so i have moved it up higher – as metal and other objects can interfere with wifi signals…
    I wonder if some of the devices we have are fussy about the signal strength etc.

    I hope this simple fix helps others…

  10. Just want to say to all the people who are leaving comments that this site is useless, bull shite, etc. You are morons! Just because these solutions didn’t work for you doesn’t mean they haven’t worked for other people, which they clearly have. This site is trying to help people who don’t know how to solve issues with their phones/tablets/laptops, you are clearly some of those people, so you should be grateful people out there are trying to help you for FREE. If you don’t like it, go and pay a phone shop to sort it out for you. I want to thank the person/people who run this site and the people who contribute for spending their time being decent people and trying to help others. It’s much appreciated!

  11. ‘Authentication problem’: Eagerly went through all the ‘solutions’ published on this page. All of them are real smelly bull shits. The reading of it wasted my valuable time.

  12. I finally got over the hump by removing the offered conx. (Hold down the selection) and it offers to delete; go ahead
    Then rebooted the router and sign- in went as expected.
    What a pain.

  13. i have the same problem with my s3 and i don’t know what to do with it now. It would connect to the wifi only if im a few steps. Please tell me what you did to fix your wifi module. I just really need to try it.

  14. This article was zero help! It’s obvious it’s the software for which the article recites the obvious “However, if your phone won’t connect even with other networks, there could be some problem with the software. Try to see if there are available updates.” Wow! Brilliant! What if there are no available updates? What should I do then, “consult my network administrator”? I receive Samsung updates almost every week and nothing has solved this problem. Maybe this article should have been titled: “How To Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error For Dummies Dumber Than Dummies”!

  15. I m connecting my samsung galaxy s3 to the netwrk if the signal is strong…when the signal get weak aur good it won’t der any solution for this. .

  16. Hello sir/madam,

    I have SG3 and have been using since two years ago. It was working properly so far in all Wifi connection networs and in my room’s Wifi connection as well. Today, in the middle of the day, I realized it was not working and does not connect to Wife while my computer and my roommate’s phones are still working, the router is working well. It asks me to enter password and as I enter password, it says INCORRECT PASSWORD and then asks again to enter password. Later on, first “Saved, secured with WEB” and later “Authentication error occurred” appear right at the bottom of Wifi Network Name. I tried some other ways but did’nt work unfortunately:1(Dialling “*#*#0011# and turning OFF Wifi reset psm) and 2 (Changing IP address from DHCP to Static). Please help me and any suggestions. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  17. My s3 would connect only when standing few feet away from the router.i tried everything mentioned by everyone nothing worked.just logged in to say it was a hardware fault which no one or no site mentions.the repair shop guy changed the wifi connects like a gem now.

  18. enter your Router settings >>wifi>>MAC Filter disable the Mac filter then all worked fine for me .. Good Luck

  19. I had this problem JUST last night and it was so frustrating that I just slept it in and tried fixing it today. I tried all the solutions and almost give up, but then I tried the WPS process. go to SETTINGS>WIFI>LEFT BUTTON>WPS PUSH BUTTON, at the same time press the WPS button on your router. hope this helps. thanks!

  20. I had this problem for the first time yesterday afternoon on my Galaxy Tab 3. Wouldn’t connect to the home wifi so I tried it on the hotspot on my Blackberry, same ‘incorrect password’ problem, so I knew it wasn’t my network, it was definitely the tablet’s problem. After trying several fixes with the router and nothing working a lightbulb finally came on over my head and I just turned the bloody tablet off and on again! Luckily this fixed it for me! But having Googled it just now to see what the actual issue is in case it happens again, I am horrified by the sheer number of people with the same issue. If it’s a known problem then why is there nothing in the handbook, no advice given on purchase, no bug fix update? I am not amused,anyway….

  21. my galaxy s3 mini is not switch on the wifi connection and when i was connect with wifi modem it shows ‘authentication error’. Then the bluetooth is also can’t connect with other mobiles…
    so please give me a solution for this problem..

  22. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1′ and was having problem connecting to my home wifi and was getting an authentication error while I could still connect to my wifi using my laptop and same password. After lots of trials/error where is the resolution –
    Goto to your router home page and login (If you are not sure, ask your service provider example – Comcast in CA). Change the mode from 802.11 g/n to 802.11 b/g/n and then your tablet would have no issues in connecting. This is the one of the settings you have to do with Samsung Android devices. Hope you all find this useful.


  23. Hey ya,
    Greetings from Ashith.Karkera. I have a new S3 and I have a problem connecting to the open Wi-Fi source at my office.But my phone connects just fine with the secured networks back at my friends place and my place.
    When in office I try to connect it shows connecting initially and then it tries for obtaining I P address, and it keeps on with a final attention message being displayed as Network disabled, in the same open network all other phones of my colleagues, along with my blackberry connects just fine. What has Mac address 5c:F8:A1:B1:72:3c got to do with this???
    Thanking you in advance or your valued response.

  24. Hi,

    I have tried a lot of things. One among them to remove a remembered network… but it failed all the tim. So finally I removed them all (a long list of different networks) and realized my home network where mentioned twice. Anyhow. choosing to forget/disconnect every network I had in my list. Solved my problem and I could finaly get rid of my home network as removing it last.

    I could not connect, at home (open) with one Wireless router, not at work with different routers and different SSID (WPA2). Not even connect to a hotspot like my friends Iphone.

    BUT during the time the issue was there with “authentication error” “wrong password” errors although I had an open network to connect to. It did work when I put my phone ON the WiFi router at home… very strange!

    Anyhow. Problem solved by deleting ALL remembered network connections and then it started working again.

    (hope someone got helped by this)

  25. I have experienced the same problem with my S3. It appears that in my case this started after I changed my router to “Wireless n only”. Interestingly, the wife’s S4 connected without any issue.

    Anyway, I changed the router back to “Mixed n and g” and it now connects reliably. Might be helpful to others

  26. Go into your router and go to advance and under wireless you want to go to wireless card list and click set up assess list …here you will add your device with the mac address (do not include the : with the mac address). Once you have added this to your you need to turn this device on. Then hit apply.

    If you do not know your mac address for your phone go into your settings on your phone and scroll down to about device once you enter into about device scroll down through the list until you see your MAC address. You will need to write this down to enter into the wireless card assess list.

    Hope this helps. My phone connected immediately once I did this.

  27. I have tried all of these “solutions” the only thing i can think to do is load an old software for example one of the ice cream software’s. But that takes some techy effort that i cant be bothered to harness, other than that we must wait for another update.
    One consolation is if you sit directly next to your router I have found your phone will stay connected. I have tried to boost that with WiFi connection booster apps which has let me go into my kitchen SOMETIMES.

  28. Well this was just lip service to a genuine problem. Nothing here would resolve an actual issue.

    My Galaxy S3 will drop the connection only during usage and refuse to reconnect till I reboot my wireless router. The router still shows the device as connected which is why it’s refusing to ‘reconnect’ it.

    However the fault lies with the phone not my router, other services are fine I lose no internet connectivity and at some point the connection is lost on the router and the phone can reconnect at that point. I reboot the router to fix the problem so I don’t have to wait for the router to drop the phone from its list of connected devices. However it can also happen at work on the wireless and is a direct issue with the phone. It’s happened since day one as well and has been restored to factory settings once as well. It’s a fault on the phone/os not with our routers.


  29. I just got the S4, and I cant connect to my home wifi at all.
    There are 2 laptops, and 4 iphones already connected to the wifi, so I really doubt it beeing the routers( access point’s) fault.

    Im really clueless on what to do here. We have a quite big house som we installed this enterprise access point, and to access it is nearly impossible. I cant connect to it through lan cables, so I’ll have to use a Serial cable to thermal into it. You get my point.

    Im considering downgrading to whatever version of JB that people can connect on, but I dont know if you can even downgrade the S4 at this point. As Bill Martin said, the worst of all is beeing the one in the family with the brand new phone who cant connect to the friggin wifi.

  30. this is ridiculous how can such a complex phone have such a simple problem people bag on iphone n others but i never had such a simple problem on any other devices

  31. So i read your article. The thing is this is one of those examples of things that worked perfectly then break following a change. In my case the home network is used for both perso and professional connectivity, and its been that way for years. Visitors, some who’ve returned 3 or 4 times, have used the same 128bit key with no issues. On the network are 4/5 devices hard wired 3/4 on wifi and they dont have ANY issues.
    My s2 never ever had any. The s3 worked fine every day. But after the last upgrade or so this wifi issue is recurrent almost daily.
    I get around it by simply restarting my router, then it connects using the same key as always.
    When the wifi cinnection drops, usually after a sleep or when returning from a trip where the s3 was connected to different hot spot then it doesn’t matter how many times i enter the same key, it won’t accept the connection.
    Restart the router and its works immediately with the same old key, yes the one it refused, and without even having to enter it.

    So the issue is obviously local to the s3 since the upgrade. They’ve touched something either in the network code or security code IMHO.


  32. I was expecting a fix, those are just standard troubleshooting tips. There is a real problem with the S3 that needs to be addressed and hopefully Android 4.1.2 will be the solution.

    Your symptoms are spot on for the problems I experience.

    I had this problem at home and at the office with both my S3 and my Samsung Tab2 7″. Both are on 4.1.1.

    I determined that the problem occurred when there was more than 1 router SSID with the same name. At home my dual band router had the same name for both the 2.4 and 5 gig. I renamed the 5 gig and have not had a problem there since. At the office I don’t have the ability to change SSID names and the problem continues.

    Worst of all is the smug look on iPhone users faces when I can’t get a connection.

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