Say Hello to Android 10: Google No Longer Naming Android Versions After Desserts

With Google managing to keep quite a bit under the wraps, it has now officially revealed the name for the next big Android release. Instead of naming it with a dessert starting with the alphabet ‘Q’, the company has decided to simply call it Android 10, with the successor known as Android 11, Android 12, and so on. Google explained the evolution of this Android version in a video.

Google claims that the reason to leave out desserts out of the equation is mainly due to the fact that not everybody around the world can relate to a particular dessert. So by calling it Android 10, Google is making it easier to remember and also appeal to everyone on a global scale. Google has also given Android a new wordmark which is quite distinctively different from the older Android logo and wordmark.

Android 10 Logo

It is believed that Google will continue to have names for each Android version internally, but we should expect to have desserts gradually phased out of Android completely. However, Google will need to ensure a large number of existing Android users are ported over to the next generation i.e, Android 10. This is an area where Apple’s iOS has a massive advantage over the Mountain View giant.

Google should begin rolling out Android 10 to devices running Android 9.0 a.k.a Pie sometime later this year. In the meanwhile, the company is preparing to launch the successors to Pixel 3 and 3 XL. These devices should in all likelihood be running Android 10 by default.

Source: Google Blog

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