Google Pixelbook 2 could land later this year, report says

The Google Pixelbook is the search giant’s own Chromebook hardware, and one of the best Chrome OS experiences on the market. Now, according to 9to5Google, we could see a successor by the end of the year.

Quanta Computer Inc, one of the manufacturers of the Pixelbook, filed for an FCC ID today for a new product, which has a model number or identification number that is similar to what is used to identify Google products. The identification number, G021A, is actually similar to a few Pixel devices.

That said, the identification number applied for isn’t similar to the prior Pixelbook or Pixel Slate at all, which could indicate that this isn’t a Pixelbook at all. Images were included in the application, but with a short-term confidentiality application, we can’t see those within the FCC application until January 2020.

That said, we’ll get the full rundown as the rumor mill starts to turn, or at the Made by Google in just a few months.

source: 9to5Google

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