How To Fix Video Call Not Working On Samsung Galaxy

Is video call not working on your Samsung Galaxy device? It may be due to a connection issue, an app bug, a software glitch, or a network problem. In order to identify the reason for your problem, there is a set of troubleshooting steps that you need to follow.

Check out this guide to know what you must do to deal with this problem.

Solutions to video call not working on your Samsung Galaxy

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There are a number of troubleshooting steps that you must perform in order to fix voice call issues on a Samsung Galaxy. Learn what you need to do below.

  1. Check for signal issues.


    Like a regular voice call, video chat or call requires solid connection to your network in order to work. Make sure that you are in a good, open location and that the signal bars in your Samsung device is showing at least 3 bars.

    Anything lower than that may affect the quality of the call as well as the mobile data connection, which is necessary in video calling. 

    If you’re inside a building, the signal may be cutting out so be sure to relocate to a better position where there’s good reception.

  2. Get the error.

    galaxy s21 moisture detected error

    If there’s an error showing up when video calling fails, be sure that you take note of it. Errors are sometimes key in fixing a problem and they can point to a solution. In general, video calling works normally but in cases when they failed, it’s most likely due to poor connection.

    If there’s an error telling you that the signal may be bad, take heed and try to improve the situation by relocating. As video calling feature errors may vary by phone models and carrier, there’s no particular list of errors that we can provide.

    Use common sense and Google to find out what may be the cause of the error you’re getting. If you can’t nail the exact cause, that’s okay. Just continue to follow the rest of our suggested solutions below.

  3. Refresh the system.

    reboot 7

    This means rebooting your Samsung Galaxy device. Some computers like smartphones may develop bugs if they’re left running for a long time. Be sure to restart your phone or tablet before attempting to initiate a video call. 

  4. Troubleshoot the Phone app.

    Storage 4

    Some cases of video calling issues are caused by a faulty Phone app. To troubleshoot the app, there are three things that you can do: force quit, clear cache, and clear data.

    Force quitting an app is basically just closing it to prevent it from running in the background. This is often an effective solution to some types of app issues. Be sure that you force close the Phone app before clearing its cache or data.

    Clearing an app cache means getting rid of temporary set of files associated with an app. These files are compiled again afterwards so there’s no danger in clearing them at this point. 

    Deleting an app’s data is more drastic as it returns the app to its factory defaults. Depending on the app, this may delete data that you may not recover afterwards. For the Phone app, clearing the data will erase your call logs or history. 
    Find out how to clear an app cache and data in this post.

    NOTE: If you’re using a different app when doing a video call, consider following the same troubleshooting steps in this guide.

  5. Disconnect from network.

    select automatically 1

    Some network problems may be fixed by temporarily disconnecting a device from your network operator. If video call is still not working on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, we say try to disable network connection.

    This procedure is only for a moment and won’t result in banning you from reconnecting to your network. 

  6. Clear network configuration (reset network settings).

    reset button 2

    If disconnecting from a network won’t work, a good follow up troubleshooting step is to clear the network settings in your device. This can sometimes prove useful if there’s a connection problem after inserting a new SIM, or after installing an update.

    You can follow the steps in this post to see how to clear network settings.

  7. Return software settings to defaults (factory reset).

    Delete all 6

    A lot of network connection problems are due to software bugs. If nothing has worked up to this point, you’ll have to revert your software settings to defaults by performing a factory reset. 

    This procedure is more drastic than anything we’ve suggested that’s why it’s the last troubleshooting option for you. It’s usually effective though and has a high chance of fixing your voice calling issue if the cause is due to unknown software bug.

    Factory reset will erase your personal data so be sure to create a backup before performing it. You can create a backup using Smart SwitchSamsung Cloud, or Google Cloud.

  8. Get help from your carrier.

    How to Change Carrier on Poco M3 Pro

    If voice call is still not working after doing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy, that means that the cause is outside your device. In this case, you’ll need the help of your network operator to figure out what’s wrong.

    Not all network problems are caused by a device error or fault so at this point, it’s good to consider checking possible account or network factors as well.

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