What To Do About The Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S20

The ‘moisture detected’ warning shows when the charging port of your Galaxy S20 is wet. This is one way of letting the user know that an action needed to be done, so that your device can work perfectly again. 

When the error shows, you won’t be able to charge your phone using a wired charger, and it may result in a serious problem should the moisture find its way into your phone. Fortunately, such a problem can get fixed easily. So, continue reading as we may be able to help you.

When Galaxy S20 Shows Moisture Detected Error

Time needed: 5 minutes.

When there’s moisture in the port, the error may be triggered when you charge the phone. A notification that looks like a drop of water may appear on the notification bar. If this happens to you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Insert a small piece of absorbent into your phone’s charging port.

    You may use cotton or tissue paper. I prefer the latter as it won’t leave any strands in the port, which may obstruct electric current.
    galaxy s20 moisture detected absorbent

  2. After doing that, let your phone sit on the table for a few minutes. 

    Depending on how much moisture is in the port, this may take up to a few hours, and you may have to change the absorbent after 10 minutes and the moisture detected error still remains.
    galaxy s20 with absorbent

  3. While waiting for the port to dry up, make sure that the cable you’re using is also dry and clean. 

    Use dry cloth to wipe the connectors or if you have a can of compressed air, a couple of blows will send the moisture flying out.
    moisture detected clean cable

Once the moisture gets absorbed, the moisture detected error will just disappear. So try connecting the cable to your phone and see if it charges. If it does and the error does not show up, then the problem is fixed. 

However, if you think that water has found its way into your phone, then you must have a technician check your phone. 

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I hope that this simple guide has been able to help you one way or the other. 

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